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Lawsuit: Grant's Applicances not honoring rebates

A class action lawsuit was filed today alleging that Grant's Appliances in Joliet is not honoring rebates it previously advertised.

During 2009, Grant's advertised and promoted a rebate program, under which customers spending a certain amount would receive a rebate for free groceries or gasoline, the complaint states.

According to the complaint, the named plaintiff, Cheryl Craigo, made purchases pursuant to the program, was issued gas vouchers and received emails that she was a participant in the program.  The complaint states that the following then occurred:

- BBZ Resource Management, who Grant's had contracted with to conduct the rebate program, filed for bankruptcy.
- Grant's issued a statement that a new rebate program would be implemented with My Free Travel, another company, for the price of $9.95.
- Craigo paid the $9.95 and received rebate coupons.  However, about six months later, she received an email that My Free Travel had "ceased operations."
- Grant's sent an email to its customers offering a 20% discount, up to $1000, on the purchase of any regularly priced merchandise if the customer released Grant's from any obligation under the BBZ and My Free Travel programs.

The complaint states that the offer by Grant's is deceptive, unfair and without consideration because, among other things, "it is unfair to require persons who are presently entitled to rebates to have to make new purchases in order to have their contracts fulfilled."

Read the complaint after the jump.

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bspeng said:

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"Free Groceries" was presented as part of the sale of a refrigerator.

Lawsuit... Where do I sign up?

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