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Lawsuit: Chicago Spire not paying

A lawsuit has been filed against the Chicago Spire for allegedly failing to pay for media planning services.

OMD USA says that it entered into a contract with Chicago Spire and its managing member Shelbourne Development Group in June 2007 where it was agreed that OMD would perform media planning services on their behalf, which it did at a rate of $42,083.00 per month. 

According to the complaint, defendants have failed and refused to pay invoices for the months of April through September 2008. 

OMD is suing for $305,150.31, which includes past due invoices as well as reimbursable expenses for subcontractors used in connection with the work performed by OMD.

Read the complaint after the jump.

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12 16 09 OMD v Spire -



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jack said:

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Is this news (in the sense of the Spire people not having money)? The only new angle here is that I don't think (and it is not alleged) that there is a mechanic's lien for media services, so I guess these people go to the end of the line.

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