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Women sue over Biography Channel show set in Naperville

Two sisters are suing the Biography Channel and A&E as well as a production company and the City of Naperville after they were reluctantly the subjects of an episode of "Female Forces."

Chelsea Frederick and Ferrara Daum say they were exiting their apartment dressed in pajama pants to go to a drive-through restaurant one night when a Naperville police officer detained Chelsea on a warrant for her failure to appear in traffic court.

According to the complaint, the following then occurred:

- The male police officer detained the plaintiffs to await the arrival of a female Naperville police officer and a camera crew filming "Female Forces."
- The plaintiffs were told the camera crew was for a documentary about the Naperville police.
- The plaintiffs told them they did not want to be filmed and were ignored.
- Chelsea was unable to post bond and was arrested.
- Ferrara was not physically restrained but felt compelled to stay with her younger sister.
- While being searched and handcuffed, Chelsea's pajama bottoms began falling down her hips but she could not lift them up because she was handcuffed.

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- The camera crew focused attention on Chelsea's falling pink Hello Kitty pajama bottoms and indecently exposed skin.
- While in a holding cell, Chelsea was asked to sign a release form authorizing the use of the footage.  Chelsea refused to sign the form.
- Ferrara Daum was never asked to sign a release.
- In episode five of "Female Forces," both plaintiffs are prominently and clearly shown with Chelsea's arrest being featured in the episode.
- In the episode, a voice-over states that Chelsea was "concerned about the state of her pants."


10 30 09 Frederick v Bio Channel -



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sherrie said:

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I hope these women win their lawsuit. I'm sick and tired of reality tv and can't stand these type of shows. They pander to the lowest element of society and show people at their worst moments. Leave the tv cameras out of it! If they say they don't want to "participate" then BACK OFF! There are more than enough stupid people out there who want their "15 minutes of fame."

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