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Former Calumet Park cop alleges discrimination by black police chief

A former Calumet Park police officer who is white is suing the municipality for discrimination he says he was subjected to by the black chief of police.

Plaintiff Mark Groszek asserts in the complaint that, since defendant Mark A. Davis became the chief of police in 2002, plaintiff and other white police officers have been "subjected to various forms of harassment by Chief Davis in an effort to get them to quit or to compile enough negative evidence against them to justify their discharge."

In May of 2006, Groszek suffered an assault while conducting his duties as a police officer and, over the course of the next two years, experienced pain and panic attacks that made him miss time at work, the complaint states.  The complaint further states that Chief Davis yelled at plaintiff, called him "mental" to another police officer and informed him that he would be terminated. 

Groszek is suing for race discrimination, disability discrimination, age discrimination, retaliation and fraud.

Read the complaint after the jump.

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10 6 09 Groszek v Calumet Park -



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happygolucky said:

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To my knowledge two other officers who currently remain on the Calumet Park Police Department also had lawsuits against the Chief. Both of these men worked the same time as this plaintiff. How come we do not hear about those two as well? Three men claiming the same thing and one of the men won their lawsuits. Looks like the tax payers are paying more money for a Chief than he is worth.

Eldridge said:

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I know all three of the police officers (who are all white) who have been claiming (among many others) the same thing. Ever since the black police chief was hired here in 2005 he has made it his mission to hire only black under qualified police officers that couldn't get hired anywhere else or were fired from neighboring decrepit police departments. The Calumet Park Police Department use to be one of the best in the south suburbs now it is a real toilet along with the rest of the community...

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