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Brookfield Zoo Sued for Dolphin Splash Leading to Slip and Fall

Dolphins entertain and splash at show.

A woman has sued the Brookfield Zoo in a slip and fall case that she claims started with the dolphins.

In the complaint, Allecyn Edwards states that the zoo "recklessly and willfully trained and encouraged the dolphins to throw water at the spectators in the stands making the floor wet and slippery."

Edwards further alleges that Brookfield Zoo failed to provide warnings about the slippery floor and failed to provide "any mats or other slip resistant strips on the floor."

Edwards states that she fell on the wet floor and suffered injuries.

To read the full complaint, click here.



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mindbird said:

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Are you trying to tell the hithertoo unsuspecting public that those dolphins are splashing around in REAL WATER? That that stuff that gets splashed around is actually WET? I am shocked and horrified at the enormous risks so many millions have braved, all unknowing.

Really, one could suspect that this lawsuit is probably more about water splashing on Ms Edward's hairdo than anything else.

Dennis Byrne said:


The complaint doesn't say exactly what her injuries were. Maybe she and her lawyer fell on their heads. How else do you explain this silliness?

Michael Lehet said:


$50,000 isn't a lot of money for 'physical and emotional trauma, ....which is permanent'

I'm surprised she's not suing for $5Million with all of that emotional trauma caused by falling.

AndCounting said:


Totally ridiculous, but I don't see how the lady loses this case. Like firearms, common sense is usually banned from the courtroom.

Roger said:

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I hope the judge tosses her and her lawyers out of the courtroom for this frivalous suit.

PeopleAreDumb said:

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It really is no wonder why France hates us Americans. We make stupid mistakes and then we blame everybody but ourselves. I mean, If I jump in the water with crocodiles, slap them around, and then they bite me...Is it the Crocodiles fault? If I jump in the ocean and a stingray sticks his stinger in my chest... Is it my the Stingray's fault? If I go live with Grizzly Bears for 13 years, slap them in the face, poke them in the buttocks, and they eat me.....Is it the bears fault? If I jump out of an airplance and I die, is it the pilots fault? If I go and step in front of a train and die....Is it the conductors fault? Stop playing the blame game and take responsibility for your actions!

bob1stshirt said:

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Except for the first sentence, everything you said is true. Who cares what France thinks.
French Terrorist Alert Levels
1 - Runaway
2 - Hide
3 - Surrender
4 - Collaborate

Two Rules of French Warfare
1 - The French Only Win When They're NOT Being Led by a Frenchman (Think Napoleon and Joan D'Arc.)
2 - The French Only Win When They're Allied with the Americans.

FapFap said:

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This is the type of women that people wish they could summarily Execute!

ccboy said:

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**GASP** There was wet water on the floor around a dolphin POOL. WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO? There should have been peons armed with mops ringing that pool! LOL. What an idiot!

jack said:

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Apparently, the "reckless and willfully trained" the dolphins allegation was needed to overcome the "obvious condition" point noted by the others. Good luck trying to prove that, allegators.

After this was reported here, it appears that this became the "joke frivolous lawsuit of the day" item in the rest of the media.

Lisa said:

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OMG...are my children to be deprived of the GREAT dolphin show that I experienced as a child?? It's outrageous acts like this woman's who spoil the fun for everyone. The floor was wet when she walked ALWAYS is. Give me a break, what has this country done to itself?? Sueing for your loss balance in a public place. PLEASE get a life. Next time, stay home and watch the dolphins on television. It's much safer.

Lakeview Greg said:


That lady must be a wreck at water parks.

Alvaro2841 said:

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OK there's 12 comments here before mine gets posted. And I see 12 comments all pointing how stupid this woman is. Obviously she HAS to see that she is just trying to burn the system for her own personal gain. I don't how she thinks this crap is legit. But hey. Ya' gotta love our legal system 'eh? I hope it bites her in the ass someday.

BTW you gotta give the dolphin's credit for spotting a bitch and targeting her to take her out. Good Dolphin. Maybe next time she'll split her head open.

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