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Chi-Tunes: The Bright White

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Andy Downing

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Chicago rockers The Bright White answered our Chi-Tunes questionnaire. Do the same and your band could appear in RedEye and Metromix!

Listen: "Red Summer Rose"

What makes your live show great?

It's epic, careening and always infectiously moody and loud. Not to mention we have songs that audiences love to sing along to, which always makes for an unforgettable evening. We'll hit you with all we've got and leave you wanting more.

Describe your sound in five words or less.

Big, inspiring, driven, honest.

Tell us something random about the band, and why that's significant.

Our name stems from print design. That's significant because our songwriting explores the use of cleverly organized spaces to create powerful, pop-driven rock. Like a designer, The Bright White uses seductively organized spaces to draw you in and leave you with a memorable experience.

Who would you want to work with, and who would you never work with? Why?

That's a tough question. There are plenty of people we'd love to work with, but most of them are dead. We all would agree that we'd love to work with Paul McCartney. We are Beatles freaks.

If the band was a cartoon character, who would it be and why?

Our band would probably be Bugs Bunny, because we always make sure we get what we want out of life and our music.

What's the best album you've heard recently?

We all have pretty eclectic tastes, so this is pretty hard to narrow down. We're all record hounds. A couple of us agree that Band of Skulls' "Baby Darling Doll Face Honey" is one of our favorites at the moment. To be honest, we do a lot of listening to albums like "Revolver" by The Beatles. Or "Stink" by The Replacements. Or anything by The Who. That's the sort of stuff that turns us on.

What song do you never want to hear again?

That Delilah song. You know the one. I haven't heard it in a while, so hopefully the stations are taking a break on it. But this is the age of the iPod, and we never have to listen to songs we don't want to. Thank God.

What is Chicago's best music venue and why?

Possibly Metro. It's big, but not too big. It's got tons of vibe, amazing sound and has so much history. But we love many of Chicago's venues for different reasons. Double Door is also up there for us. Subterranean as well.

What do you think of The Bright White?



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Turner said:

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Just saw these guys play at Martyrs this past weekend, big crowd. Great sound. Great energy. Great to hear a Chicago band like this.

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