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The Shamrock Shake - Yay or Nay?

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Need I say more? The proof is in the numbers people...numbers don't lie...

With all of this Shamrock Shake shakedown goin on all over the web, I decided to try one for the first time. So I stopped by McDonald's while running errands, and apparently also had a teeth cleaning...the stuff tastes like toothpaste!

Now, I am not one to gossip (*laughing hysterically*), but, I heard if you love the taste of the Shamrock Shake, you must not be familiar with the flavor of toothpaste, so yes, the shake would taste new and refreshing. However, being a fond friend of my Sonicare (get one, they change lifes) I am afforded the daily taste of the minty flavor more than once a day...so I get my fix.

I have to admit, the presentation did look good, and it was refreshing. However, I think it would have done more good had the weather been say...90 degrees out? After-all, do I really need a cold and minty rush on a 30 degree day?

Alas, I could only drink half of the rich & thick flavored Colgate Shake, and no, I won't be getting another anytime soon. I like my beer green...and to taste like beer. I'll be waiting for that once-a-year limited-edition only.

What do you think? 'Yay' or 'Nay'?


"My milkshakes better than theirs...damn right"



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Matt B said:


I think copious amounts of alcohol have rendered you incapable of telling the difference between the "bleh" mint of toothpaste and the awesome mint-vanilla-ice-cream combo of the shake. I'm just sayin'.

Bunny About Town said:


That maybe true, but you don't have to point it out...


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