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Iconic Tiffany Blue...Handbags?

Driven Diva

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Tiffany & Co. Bracelet Bag, $795

It's no longer just about the Tiffany blue box. Tiffany & Co. launched The Tiffany Leather Collection - a line of handbags, wallets, hobos and clutches made of luxe materials like leather with 24K gold-plated hardware, onyx satin with a crystal bow pin, natural ring lizard, giraffe and crocodile to name a few. All are accented with Tiffany touches such as a blue satin lining, Tiffany & Co. closures and designs that nod to their jewelry - crystal kiss-lock closures or a bauble-ball chain bracelet bag. 

I wouldn't throw one out of my closet, but it seems to me that a few suffer from one of two plagues: too much Tiffany blue or unreasonably sky-high prices. As a box with a crisp, white bow, the bright blue color is undeniably fitting and cute, but who really wants to carry around an Easter egg on a silver chain? Doubtful I need to explain my dismay at $17,500 for a medium-sized handbag that could instead purchase a cargo-carrying car.   

Nevertheless, I'm excited Tiffany's has expanded their empire into the world of handbags, and there are some absolutely stunning clutches in this crew. For those men out there who just can't stomach the idea of creative shopping, there's now another excitement-enducing present awaiting your last-minute purchase that won't disappoint your honey. Like I said, I wouldn't throw one of these purses out of my closet; they're more like pieces of jewelry, and if price were of no concern, I'd definitely invest in some new bling.

View more of The Tiffany Leather Collection for men and women, day or evening online or stop by the downtown store at 730 North Michigan Avenue. 

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Caroline said:


As much as I would love unwrapping one of these, I would be just as excited if I only got the blue box....seriously!

Driven Diva said:


No joke. There's something about that blue box. It's definitely a cultural phenomenon!

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