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Yoga Trends for 2010

Maya Henderson

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I've read countless top 10 lists, 2009 year in review lists and fitness predictions for 2010. I love a good list, but with the exception of Gaiam's "Ten Yoga Trends" article, they lack a focus for the mind-body fitness set. So, based on the Gaiam article, the American Council on Exercise's 2010 predictions, Pilates Pro articles and my own experience running around Chicago to try different classes, I comprised a list of trends for mind body fitness in 2010.

Digital Yoga
- With exergaming, apps and 3G phones, working out whenever and wherever you want is easier than ever. I've already talked about how much I love YogaDownload for mp3 classes, but since then, launched on-demand yoga classes and both Yoga Journal and CorePower launched iPhone apps. The online yoga community is growing stronger than ever thanks to blogs and social sites like Twitter (click to follow me on Twitter!), YogaMates and LoveYoga, and this is just the beginning. Pilates Specialty Classes- Pilates Jumpboard, circuit classes and cardio mix classes are popping up at studios throughout the city. I love traditional pilates workouts, but these fusion and spin-off classes are a smart way for instructors to keep clients interested and train the body in a different way. I just hope they don't overshadow the brilliant, traditional Joseph Pilates method.

An ad for the Chicago School of Hot Yoga

Yoga Gyms- Yup, exactly how it sounds. A yoga gym has the pay structure and amenities of a gym, but only offers a variety of yoga classes for members to tone their bodies and mind. YogaWorks has made this popular in New York and parts of California and rumor has it that the Chicago School of Hot Yoga, set to open in the Spring of 2010 will work on a similar structure. Potentially, this could be a brilliant idea, but I'm also a little nervous that it might bring the gym attitude into the yoga studio. More Mind Body Classes at Gyms- To compete with popular yoga and pilates studios, gyms are going to expand their group exercise offerings to include more than the standard power yoga or pilates mat classes. Expect various forms of yoga, pilates and mind body fitness (think barre workouts) to continue to pop up on class schedules at gyms that wish to stay afloat in these tough economic times. If you're looking for a gym that already has great mind body fitness programming, try Equinox.
Nike Stitch a Fit Tights

Nike Stitch a Fit Capri

Smart Workout Clothing- A few months ago I attended a design demo at lululemon and was completely blown away by all the technical materials and workout-enhancing extras that goes into active apparel. Over the next year, we'll continue to see clothing that wicks moisture, resists odor and has design elements for better performance. One of the coolest things I've seen so far, the Nike Stitch a Fit Capri, with built-in knee pads for yoga, is the perfect example. Proper Credentials- Say goodbye to those "become a yoga instructor over the weekend" certification programs, because according to ACE, gyms and studios are finally recognizing the importance of properly certified trainers and instructors. A shame this is just starting to gain light, but better late than never.

Classes catered to your body type -- Tejas Yoga in the South Loop currently offers a yoga class just for men. Soulistic Studio Spa and Chi-Town Shakti have yoga classes for curious newbies who might not fit the stereotypical skinny yogi body type. These types of classes are much-needed to get people who could benefit from a regular practice comfortable with yoga, and perhaps on a larger scale, comfortable in their own skin.



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msericalee said:

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I would like to add one more "trend" for the New Year! Acro Yoga is taking Chicago by storm and it promotes physical strength, community building, trust, confidence and support for yourself and your partner. Do Acro at Urban Lotus Yoga on Monday nights for a donation! It's so much fun and it really opens your heart.

Maya Henderson said:


Hi Erica,
I love the acro yogis! I actually wrote a blog about it and filmed a video with Jonny, Tati and Lindsey for the blog. Here's a link:

Let me know what you think!

Kathryn said:

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A great digital yoga site is YogaVibes,
Tons of different classes for all types.

Maya Henderson said:


Hey Kathryn,
Yes, I've heard of YogaVibes, but I haven't checked out the site in awhile. I think I might need to do an expanded post on different types of yoga class/info sites. Thanks for the inspiration!

Kathryn said:

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Maya - I can help you if you need more info about YogaVibes.... just post and let me know and I'll contact you. thanks and happy new year!

yogi girl said:

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A new kind of Yoga bag for 2010, called Yogoco available at It is highly functional, stylish and eco-friendly yoga bag, check them out, very cool!

KCW said:

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If you like the idea of Digital Yoga you might also like Digital Pilates. My partners and I launched on Jan 1, 2010. Born out of the idea that everyone should have access to high quality Pilates instruction we have developed a site that represents different styles of Pilates with the highest caliber teachers. The Classes are real, shot in HD and uploaded weekly. Check us out!

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