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BluePrint Cleanse Hits Chicago

Maya Henderson

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The thought of the holidays got you down? Feeling a little sluggish? Afraid you might overindulge with the holiday party season upon us?
Well, BluePrint Cleanse might be able to help with that.
Started in New York, BluePrint delivers custom fresh detox juices to your door,
for those times in life when you need to do a little interior house cleaning.

I'll admit, when I first heard about BluePrint I was very skeptical. It seemed pricey and a bit excessive. One well planned trip to the farmers market and Whole Foods, plus my Jack Lalanne juicer and I could easily create the same juice mixes for a fraction of the cost.


But BluePrint isn't trying to target the experienced juice faster or serious raw food enthusiast, like their motto says, "We Think. You Drink." They provide convenience and the minimum of all the need-to-know info to ensure that customers can successfully and safely give their body an opportunity to flush out gross toxins.

Busy, health-conscious Chicagoans are already starting to take notice. BluePrint has only been here for a few months and they've already taken centerstage at healthy living events and partnered with Exhale Spa to offer Chicago's first pick-up location.
BluePrint offers three different levels, ranging from the beginner Renovation cleanse, which feature sweeter juices with more fruit to an advanced Excavation cleanse, which cuts out a lot of fruit and relies mostly on the power of greens for a deeper cleaning over the course of three, six or twelve days.
I'm an experienced detoxer, so I went for the three-day Excavation cleanse. I loved having the fresh pressed natural and organic (when possible) juice delivered to my door. I can't say enough about the convenience of BluePrint. Not only do they label each juice so you know when to take it and email you all the important basics so you don't have to peruse their site, they also give you a handy tote back with ice packs to easily carry your juice around. 
I saved so much time by being able to grab what I needed and head out the door, plus the juices were delicious. I actually began to crave the slightly sweet green juices that made up the majority of the cleanse. While I did experience some cleansing reactions, like feeling lightheaded and a bit spacey, I made sure to drink my juices consistently throughout the day with water and I found that I still had energy for intense hot yoga classes.
Of course, not everyone, especially first timers, will have it as easy. But if you run into trouble, they do a good job of providing info on what to do if you feel like you need to eat, if you can't poop or feel sick.
If you've got the money (priced from $85 a day), BluePrint could be your solution to feeling better during or after the holidays and it could be your jumpstart to kick off a healthier 2010.



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dr.wojcik said:

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I love this! I think it's a wonderful idea...however, I do recommend that anyone considering a serious cleanse like this be first evaluated and monitored by a physician....especially if you are on any pharmaceutical medications.

Lakeshore Wellness Center: Naturopathic Holistic Medicine and Acupuncture in Chicago.

Muhammad Saleem said:


I thought you'd like to know. I just finished my third 3-day Blueprint Cleanse. Did one in March and one a few months before that :)

Trying to make it a monthly thing.

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