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Hot 'n Sweaty: CorePower Yoga's Grand Opening Celebration

Maya Henderson

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I think I loved CorePower Yoga from the moment my first C2 class started. It was last winter and I had just finished the $29 unlimited month at Bikram Wicker Park. I craved the heat but was bored with the monotony of the same 26 poses. I needed to move and even though the challenging Bikram classes kept me focused, sometimes I seriously wanted to bust out a chaturanga to urdhva muhka svanasana (upward-facing dog).


The retail and lounge space at the new CorePower Gold Coast studio.

CorePower was the missing link. The signature CorePower 2 classes are a flowing vinyasa in a 98 degree room set to inspiring music with a focus on core strengthening moves. C2 isn't as hot as Bikram, but CorePower also offers Hot Yoga, a take on Bikram, and Hot Power Fusion, a hybrid of Bikram and C2 that's recommended for Bikram students who want to try a vinyasa practice. If you're not ready for the heat, try C1, a slower paced class set in a warm (not heated) room or intro to yoga. Besides C2, my other favorite class is Yoga Sculpt, a unique mix of hot yoga and weight training that's a tough yet completely addictive total body workout.

I personally know how intimidating the thought of hot yoga can be, so I asked CorePower manager and teacher Chris Nassivera to explain what sets the practice aparts and why it's accessible to everyone, even beginners.


Until recently, the only disadvantage of CorePower Yoga for me was the location. Coming from Wicker Park, I'd have to leave my house almost an hour before class just to make sure I got to the South Loop on time and on somedays, even that was cutting it close. So I was ecstatic when the Gold Coast location opened on October 2 (just a 20 minute trip on the Division bus for me).

CorePower is having a party this Saturday, October 17th to celebrate the opening of the new studio and the one-year anniversary of the South Loop location. The party kicks off with a donation C2 class with proceeds benefitting the Breast Cancer Network of Strength, followed by a party with food, wine and music.

CorePower Gold Coast is located at 12 W. Maple St.



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