Breaking Tweets Chicago


Breaking Tweets Chicago provides a unique look at local news through the use of Twitter.

An offshoot of world news site Breaking Tweets, BT Chicago adds context to the latest local news and provides a snapshot of what Chicagoans are saying about these stories. An emphasis is put on eyewitness accounts, pictures, video and other forms of reaction from Twitter.

BT stories are written in a "quick hits" format, but always include at least one link for additional information about the news.

At times, BT Chicago may provide breaking news, particularly to its followers on Twitter (@BTChicago), due to the nature of the tweets it collects. However, breaking news is not its only objective. Features, profiles, reaction and other information will be provided.

BT Chicago also has real-time Twitter feeds on what Chicagoans are saying right now, like @BTCweather, @BTCsports, and @BTCtraffic.

Have a story idea, comment or question? Contact Breaking Tweets Founder/Editor Craig Kanalley here.

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