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Plague accidentally kills researcher at University of Chicago


CBS2 Chicago and other media outlets are reporting that a researcher at the University of Chicago was killed Sept. 13 while studying a strain of Yersinia pestis, commonly known as the plague. Professor Malcolm Casadaban, 60, was working on developing a stronger vaccine for the plague when he contracted the deadly bacterial disease.

Local Twitterers have been reacting to this strange news:

  1. Hillary DeLong
    HillarySpeaks (Chicago,IL) Eek! Who dies of the plague these days? Sad day for UC and family:
  2. jamesvanosdol
    jamesvanosdol (Chicago, IL) Thanks to @ChicagoBreaking for distressing and unnerving me: U. of C. researcher dies after exposure to plague bacteria
  3. Erin Menzies
    elmenzies (Winnipeg, Canada) U of Chicago researcher dies after exposure to plague bacteria - don't panic but THE PLAGUE
  4. Josh Mogerman
    JoshatNRDC (Chicago, IL) A University of Chicago researcher died of THE PLAGUE a few blocks from my house...yikes...
  5. Elizabeth Chan
    elizabethchan (Chicago, IL) Apparently it is still possible to die of the plague.
  6. Sam
    ouija_sam (Chicago, IL) "Plague-related death of UoC researcher" Great. If I die of the plague somebody better remember me for a thousand years.

Casadaban's family, friends and co-workers were offered antibiotics just in case they were exposed to the same bacteria. Chicago city health officials think that Casadaban's genetic makeup may have been more susceptible to this weakened strain that wouldn't normally kill someone.

Twitterers were sad to hear about the unexpected death of a renowned professor at the University of Chicago:

  1. Wyndham Lathem
    wlathem (Chicago, Il) It is too early to draw conclusions regarding the death of M. Casadaban. It is a great loss to the community but answers will come. #plague
  2. A. Fischer
    afischer (Providence, RI) Malcom Casadaban has died of a weakened strain of Yersinia Pestis! This is very sad. I can't believe it.



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2 Comments said:


Suppose his vaccine did not work, after all

Craig Kanalley said:


Apparently not.

In all seriousness, very sad news.

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