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Chicago: America's Most Stressful City

Do you feel stressed out lately? wouldn't be surprised to hear it, as Chicago topped their "America's Most Stressful Cities" list for the second year in a row. 

How did they come to this conclusion? Forbes says that a high unemployment rate, falling home values, poor air quality and crowding have something to do with it. 

Breaking Tweets Chicago took to Twitter to see what Chicagoans are stressed about.

Some of the biggest complaints about the city are rooted in the CTA:

  1. Kelly Kapshandy 
    kkapshan Weekly cta rant- on the brown line. Car so crowded by the time it got to sedgwick only 2 people could get in. I HATE the CTA 
  2. Allana Tachauer 
    ChitownHeiress @JaseFace1 God I wish! That would help so much right now. Instead I'm stuck on a bumpy crowded bus. Thank God I'm sitting at least. 
  3. Elizabeth Shapiro 
    ElizabethKS Thanks to the people on the MASSIVELY crowded el this morning who gave my kid and me your seats. I effing LOVE Chicagoans. 

Others seem to be more stressed out by the traffic:

  1. Olga Handal 
    XoXoOlga Traffic blows! I hate having a 6pm class have to rush like a mofo! 
  2. Tina Aguilar 
    Tinii_Binii Being stuck in traffic makes me thankful that it only takes me 5 min to get to work. . . I hate you naperville! 
  3. butlertotheb 
    ButlerM_com About 10 hours a WEEK I spend driving/sitting in traffic 
  4. Derrick Robinson 
    ThisIsMrCEO Chicago Traffic is the worst traffic next to New York ! My stomach is killin me! Catch me in traffic! 



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Justin said:


My commute to work in Lombard includes the CTA red line to my car AND the ike in both directions at the worst possible hours. Most days, this is a trip from hell. I empathize with the tweets above!

Young Hot Ricardo said:


damn right Chicago is a busy city 24?7

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