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Tweet leads to defamation lawsuit against Amanda Bonnen

The Chicago Bar-Tender has the story of a woman's tweeting leading to a $50,000 defamation lawsuit, and it's making headlines across the city today (Tribune, Sun-Times, CBS2).

Horizon Group Management filed the suit after Bonnen sent the following reply to @JessB123: "You should just come anyway. Who said sleeping in a moldy apartment was bad for you? Horizon realty thinks it's okay."

The lawsuit was filed yesterday. Bonnen's Twitter page (@abonnen) has since been deleted.

Chicago Twitter users have been sharing their thoughts on the incident this morning.

  1. leaux
    leaux @redeyechicago What?! So who is Ms. Bonnen? It's not like she's a celeb on a put-down spree! She should be able to tweet whatever she wants!
  2. Bryan Biggs
    bryanbiggs I might change my twitter pic to green, in support of Amanda Bonnen.
  3. Andrew Coffey
    coffeygrinds Never heard of Horizon Realty before this @geoffdevereux Horizon Realty suing someone $50k over "defamatory tweet",
  4. Tom Valenti
    valentilaw @gapersblock the crt doc filed vs Bonnen actually is strange. it uses the term "liable" instead of "libel"; calls Bonnen " Bobben" in par 1
  5. Martin Thomas
    purlem Are you kidding me!!! Amanda Bonnen, Apartment Renter, Sued For 'Defamatory' Twitter Post About Mold

Several local Tweeters are saying that it was a bad public relations move by the company since the woman only had 20 followers.

  1. Tamara Hester
    findingurstyle @rachelbaker agreed. surely this will backfire - it's doubtful anyone cared about that tweet much. now they've drawn bad publicity.
  2. Rachel Baker
    rachelbaker @findingurstyle Totally has backfired. The offending user had 20 followers, compare that to how many @ChicagoNow has.
  3. Dana Sperling
    DanaSperling RT @katebuck: Hey, Horizon Realty, not sure if you realize YOU are doing more to damage your rep than the measly tweet sent to 20 followers.
  4. Heather K Williams
    HeathBar6 @freeandflawed yeah & the fact that the chick only had 20 followers go to show her true impact on their brand.



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