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Professional Athletes on Twitter in Chicago

Sometimes it's nice to hear a friend's opinion or an expert's take, but there's nothing better from a sports fan's perspective than getting the inside scoop from the players themselves.

Here's a list of tweeting pro athletes in Chicago, sure to grow and change over time.

Chicago Bears

Alex Brown (DE)

Bio: None.
Greatest Assets: Gives behind-the-scenes look, tweets what he's up to.
Sample Tweet: Headed to meetings to see what our game plan is against the Steelers!
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Jay Cutler (QB)

Bio: This is the official twitter account of Jay Cutler.
Greatest Assets: Tweets with fans and teammates, posts what he's up to and what he's thinking
Sample Tweet: It's Sunday Bear Nation. It's been a long week of waiting but it's finally time to play. Wish us luck.
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Matt Forte (RB)

Bio: I am Matt Forte. Chicago Bears running back. I love love. Im sarcastic. I workout constantly and I am grateful thank you God
Greatest Assets: Asks questions, interacts, occasionally posts contests/trivia
Sample Tweet: Ur chance at a personalized autographed photo of me is coming real soon!!!! I decided not to make it that hard this time! Good luck friends!
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Caleb Hanie (QB)

Bio: I am 24 years old...I am the Chicago Bears backup quarterback. I am happily married to Andrea Hanie, and we are expecting a little one in April 2010.
Greatest Assets: Shares personal updates, what he's thinking and what he's up to.
Sample Tweet: Short practice this to the city soon...get ready for tomorrow...
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Tommie Harris (DT)

Bio: God fearing man first! Also part of the Monsters of the Midway, The Chicago Bears Defense.
Greatest Assets: Posts what he's up to, gives opinions, interacts with users.
Sample Tweet: At the beyonce concert she is a great performer. I know I'm a dude lol I love music though.
Follow @RealDeal91

Devin Hester (WR)

Bio: ISAIAH 55:17 No weapon formed against me shall prosper;
Greatest Assets: Interacts with users, tweets often, short and sweet tweets
Sample Tweet: Man just gettin finish wit dis football stuff 4 2day,now i can have some me time LOL
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Jason McKie (FB)

Bio: "LIVING A DREAM" God is so good...
Greatest Assets: Tweets about what's he up to and interacts, short tweets
Sample Tweet: on that fight night round 4...holla at ya boy live
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Greg Olsen (TE)

Bio: TE - Chicago Bears
Greatest Assets: Gives inside look at what he's up to, tweets a lot, occasionally interacts.
Sample Tweet: Early workout today. Spending day with mom for her birthday then flying back to chicago tonight. Camp right around corner!
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Chicago Bulls

Ty Thomas (F)

Bio: None.
Greatest Assets: Mostly tweets about personal life, sometimes interacts.
Sample Tweet: Lmfao. Someone just asked to "Twitter Marry" me. I'm sorry for laughing and not going to put her on blast but that was too funny!
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Cat Osterman

Bio: None.
Greatest Assets: Posts what she's up to and occasional TwitPics, interacts with fans.
Sample Tweet: Off to prac with the new hair... I'm sure the players will have their opinions!
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Ex-Chicago athletes

Martin Havlat (RW)

Bio: NHL Player - Minnesota Wild
Greatest Assets: Interacts with fans, shares opinions, tweets fairly often.
Sample Tweet: Thanks to all Hawks fans for your love and support over the last 3 years. Will never forget your generousity and the great playoff run!
Follow @martinhavlat

Jerry Azumah (CB)

Bio: Sports&Lifestyle....... ZoomNation!!!
Greatest Assets: Frequently tweets, shares thoughts, interacts with fans, Bears supporter.
Sample Tweet: Another great friday night. Shout out J williams, L briggs, Wale, Idonije. BearNation I got a good feeling come this Sunday! Ball out!
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Jason Davis (FB)

Bio: I just wanna be successful.....
Greatest Assets: Frequently tweets, asks questions, interacts with users
Sample Tweet: So who is coming to trainning camp?I wanna know so I can say what up after practice
Follow @JasonDavis43

Did we miss a Chicago pro athlete on Twitter? Let us know by leaving a comment or writing to us on Twitter @BTChicago.



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