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Moms on Twitter in Chicago

Moms all over have a unique bond, able to relate with each other's triumphs and tribulations. Many have gravitated to the Internet and social networking sites like Twitter to share experiences and help each other.

Here's a list of tweeting moms in Chicago who are big on interaction and love to connect with other mothers.

1. deafmom

Bio: I'm a deaf mom with 3 deaf and hard of hearing kids. Disaboom and Chicago Mom Blogger. Sales Manager for Love to write, hate to clean.
Greatest Assets: Frequently interacts, posts about what she's up to and life as a mom.
Sample Tweet: All of the kids went wakeboarding behind the jet ski today--it was Lauren and Steven's first time and they enjoyed it.
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2. PortaPocketGal

Bio: momtrepreneur, creator of PortaPocket strap-on carrying cases (been up Mt.Everest,on TODAY,in Trib+on Leno.Chk em out!);love travel,workouts,my little1..
Greatest Assets: Shares her experiences as a mom with others, frequently interacts.
Sample Tweet: @shelleyryan can't say I have had that experience but i say go for it -- sure sounds like fun! (my Angelina is 4-1/2...)
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3. AmySueNathan

Bio: Mom-blogging at Suburban Kvetch too!
Greatest Assets: Tweets often about what's new, as well as her opinions, interacts.
Sample Tweet: I am all good with people who want to take their kids everywhere, truly. It's the entitlement thing that eats away at me. #blogher09
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4. greenparentchgo

Bio: Eco-friendly and off the mainstream
Greatest Assets: Tweets frequently about events, life as a mom, and green issues, interacts and retweets.
Sample Tweet: Glad we live within walking distance to 5 playgrounds in our area. We love to hit up new ones. Took a long walk to one yesterday.
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5. mommashelper

Bio: To help make YOUR life a little easier Momma!
Greatest Assets: Posts lots of tips, inspiration, and motivation; has a blog with more info
Sample Tweet: want more love in your family? check out mommas little helper
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Also worth following:


Bio: One mama's take on family friendly activities in Chicago
Greatest Assets: Integrates posts from her blog, occasionally interacts and retweets.
Sample Tweet: #blogger09 so far all I've learned at blogher is that it is kind of hard to bring a six month old to blogher.
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Bio: Serial entrepreneur. Adorkable Web 2.0 lover. I get a little OCD about marketing. And dang passionate about business, tech & giving back.
Greatest Assets: Tweets often, interacts, and is well-connected.
Sample Tweet: @madonnacramer my 6 & 9 year olds liked GForce, but it's just not one of those movies that can entertain adults too, like Shrek or HP
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Did we miss a mom in Chicago who is big on Twitter? Let us know by leaving a comment or writing to us on Twitter @BTChicago.



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Caitlin Giles said:


Thanks for the mention . . . off to twitter this post.

Craig Kanalley said:


No problem. Thank you, and let me know if you have other ideas for people to add to the list.

Caitlin Giles said:



Check out @selfmademom, @kimmoldofsky, @cindyfey, @mmmyatt, @marketingmommy, @ecochic, @carriekirby -- so many tweeting mamas in Chicago!

Shari Weiss said:


Another great idea for a post!

Craig Kanalley said:


Thanks Caitlin, I will try to add those.

And thanks Shari!

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