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How many Twitter users in Chicago?

It's a valid question.

We know it's a lot because Chicago is the No. 3 most popular city on Twitter, says New Media Lab, citing Hubspot's June 2009 State of the Twittersphere PDF report.

We also know that in April 2008, Chicago had more than 3,000 Twitterers, per this blog post by Dan Perry.

Now?... says 41,682 Twitter accounts list their location as Chicago. That doesn't include the 246 who list Chitown, those who list a specific suburb or neighborhood, or those who don't list a location at all.

In total, it's difficult to know for sure, but there has to be in excess of 50,000 Chicago Twitterers. That's not counting those part of the @Oprah effect, those who signed up and gave Twitter a brief try - some of which never filled out a Bio or have hardly touched their accounts since.

The other big Twitter cities? London is No. 1 (74,960 per Twellow) and Los Angeles is No. 2 (45,706 per Twellow).



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Shari Weiss said:


You're also not counting the people who haven't registered on sites like Twellow (such as myself).

Craig Kanalley said:


Actually, Shari, Twellow should index everyone. Doesn't matter if you're registered.

Shari Weiss said:


Good to know!

Craig Kanalley said:


Yeah, definitely, as far as I know, but I've also heard some people are missing from the site, not sure why.

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