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Elite Tweeters: Top 25 Twitter users in Chicago

Chicago is the third most popular Twitter location in the world, according to a recent study. Only Los Angeles and London are tweeting more at the moment.

But who are the Top 25 Twitter users in Chicago?

If you want to rub elbows with Chicago's true Twitterati, these are the accounts you should follow.

1. @armano

Bio: Communicator, designer, thinker, doer, dad, biker, karaoke junkie, and imperfect soul. Working on social business design with Dachis Co.

2. @lizstrauss

Bio: Liz loves building brand & content strategy, irresistible offers, & fiercely loyal fans for associations, hospitality, universities, & professionals

3. @Obamanews

Bio: News from Barack Obama's White House and Campaign Offices - UNOFFICIAL TWITTER

4. @arstechnica

Bio: The Art of Technology

5. @ambercadabra

Bio: Director of Community for @Radian6. Marketing, social media, books, nerdy things, and stuff outside.

6. @suntimes

Bio: What you need to know: now. News, entertainment, sports and business news from the Chicago Sun-Times and more. And yes, it is real people here.

7. @kellyolexa

Bio: Sales and Marketing Diva, Fitness Fanatic, Starbucks Addict, Social Media Cupcake:Ford Fiesta Movement Agent!

8. @ginidietrich

Bio: CEO of Arment Dietrich. Author of Creator of BFF Beauty Bag. Vistage member. Avid cyclist. A foodie. Lover of shoes and wine.

9. @djbooth

Bio: Online Music Magazine that features new music, freestyles, reviews, interviews and much more!

10. @leahjones

Bio: Natiiv Arts & Media: Social Media Coaching for Artists, Musicians and Writers.

11. @williger

Bio: Success driven ex-DELL sales maker and new media evangelist by day. Meditating, guitar playing, wine making, crime fighting superhero at night. I like cheese!

12. @afrobella

Bio: beauty and culture blogger extraordinare, road tripper enjoying life's little adventures

13. @brentdpayne

Bio: Tribune's Bald In-house SEO Director (aka SEO Sultan)

14. @whereivebeen

Bio: Hi! I'm Katy, Where I've Been's Community Manager. Listen to me ramble on about travel tips, advice, & news. Email me anytime!

15. @lenkendall

Bio: Expert at NOTHING. Idea Catalyst. Enjoy being clever & constructively grumpy. PR+Marketing+Community. AEKDB

16. @wadecreate

Bio: Founding Artist of Custom Canvas Art Gallery. Creative. Painter. Producer for WGN TV, Web. Mom of two. Geek. Blogger. Designer. Tweetaholic. In LOVE. ART AGENT.

17. @redeyechicago

Bio: This is print media 2.0. I'm Scott Kleinberg, RedEye's Social Mediaologist and Buzzmaster. Follow my personal feed at @scottkleinberg for more fun.

18. @playboy

Bio: Playboy, Hef, Playmates, Models, Girls, NSFW, Nude, Naked, Pics, Videos, Articles

19. @philipnowak

Bio: Interests: Chicago Bears, Blogging, Grilling, Reading, Skiing, Social Media, Technology & Traveling. PT Volunteer Social Media Director for @ThomasCastillo

20. @monicaobrien

Bio: Marketing Professional and ENTP with a knack for all things Gen Y. Moderator for the #SM4SMB conversation.

21. @amyderby

Bio: highly caffeinated writer, blogger, food safety geek, and law blog consultant -- I'm also @lawfirmblogger

22. @amandachapel

Bio: See or contact me directly at

23. @zagrrl

Bio: Tech / Innovation Intrapreneur. From Stainless Steel thru Sustainability to Social Media. Super Power - Quantum Sympathetic SuperConnector

24. @coloneltribune

Bio: The Colonel knows Chicago. He is also a more gentlemanly version of @ChicagoTribune

25. @bradleywill

Bio: Gnarly Entrepreneur | Coach | Social Media Strategist | Raw Food + Pitbull Lover and a Mr. try anything once. Gen-Y Leader promoting Young Entrepreneurs #NV247

Wondering how this list was created? With the help of Twitter Grader, which uses an algorithm to rank Twitter users based on followers, tweet frequency, interaction with others, and more.

You're certain to have seen at least some of these users around Twitter before. Question is: How many of them are you following?



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Shari Weiss said:


Why aren't I ranked? Sigh. ::continues climbing ladder::

I'm familiar with 6 of these. What does that say about me? Or them?

Craig Kanalley said:


Huh, interesting.

You can get there! I'm going to try too... You know, the funny thing is I was #23 a week ago (I've been meaning to do this post for a while) and haven't tweeted as much lately and got knocked out.

I've encountered abut 12. as for your 6 and the others we haven't encountered, I think it probably says more about them than us.

Shari Weiss said:


Congrats on (formerly) being #23! You're a much bigger deal than I am, that's for sure.

I checked my grade and it was 98 or 99. And I was 5,000-something out of 2.something million. Lucky me.

Would be interesting for you to do follow-up posts on this every 3-6 months.

Craig Kanalley said:


Love the idea of follow-ups, thanks! Yes, this list does change, so that's a good idea.

98 or 99 is excellent. Keep at it. And btw, I think being on this list is both an honor and kind of a negative thing too....too much tweeting perhaps? :-)

Katy (@whereivebeen) said:


Woo hoo! So honored to be a top tweeter here in the Windy City.

See you all on the Twitterosphere!

Katy Lynch
Community Manager
Where I've Been

Gini Dietrich said:

default userpic local-auth auth-type-mt

I'd like to thank my mom, the Academy, and my dog for believing in me!

Hey @armano! Watch out! I'm gunning for you!

Gini Dietrich said:

default userpic local-auth auth-type-mt

I'd like to thank my mom, the Academy, and my dog for believing in me!

Hey @armano! Watch out...I'm gunning for you!

Craig Kanalley said:


Katy and Gini, glad to feature you both. Keep up the great tweets!

Nicole Hack said:


I am a pinch surprised that @RedStarsCeo or @ChicagoRedStars are not up here! Twitter is one of their top marketing tools.

Craig Kanalley said:


Nicole, rest assured - I plan to do some Sports Twitter lists in the future, and you can bet they'll be featured somewhere.

leahjones said:


THanks for including me!

Craig Kanalley said:


You're welcome!

Dave Van de Walle said:

default userpic local-auth auth-type-mt

Hi from "Chicagoland."

There's an entirely different list of folks who use "Chicagoland" as opposed to the more limiting "Chicago".

@Area224 happens to be in the top 10 of that list. Just thought I'd mention.

Thanks for this post, though. All of Area224 thanks you!



Craig Kanalley said:


Interesting, Dave.... I may follow up on this later and give some love to the Chicagoland users. Thanks for letting me know!

Len Kendall said:


I'm honored to be sharing the space with such smart people in Chicago. Craig thanks for putting this together!

Kelly Olexa said:

default userpic local-auth auth-type-mt

Thanks so much for the mention!! What a fantastic group of Tweeps! ;-)

Brent D. Payne said:


I love that I work for Tribune and this is the first I've seen of this post. Also scary that @sizzlemaker knows more of the top 25 than I do. What does that say about me? Actually . . . don't answer that. ;-)

Craig Kanalley said:


No problem Len and Kelly.

Brent, that is funny! Glad you saw it though..

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