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Beer truck flips over on tri-state tollway

Per the Tribune Co. Breaking News Center, a semi-truck tipped over and spilled its cargo, 40,000 pounds of Miller beer products, onto the southbound I-294 ramp going eastbound on I-290. The incident occurred Tuesday at 6:30 a.m. with limited impact to morning rush hour traffic. The driver suffered minor cuts and bruises, according to the article.

Chicago Twitterers are rather amused by the occurrence.

  1. skater48 Beer truck over turned on Eisenhower!! Open bar until cleaned up : )
  2. Jbrighterthanu Beer truck fell over on the highway. Who's going?
  3. flobie highway accident in chicago - beer truck loses it load all over the road. Poor beer :(
  4. randyHOD Beer truck overturns on Tri-State Tollway. Alcoholics around the Chicago metro area observe a moment of silence for their fallen soldiers..
  5. LarzCRM A Miller Beer truck has overturned on 294/290, spilling its contents onto the road. IDOT is touched by the help from local fraternities.

TwitPic posted by @snarkity


"Miller brewing truck meet Chicago potholes"



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