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Blackhawks Cup talk is fools gold, drop the puke and just play

octograb.jpgMy grumpy old man season preview for the Blackhawks won't take long. No lists. No math. No solace.

I'll make it short and sour. Shut up already, all you dumb bastards.

Shut up about the Stanley Cup finals being within reach. Shut up about One Goal. Shut up about Cup or Bust.

Once again, the Blackhawks have to learn a hard lesson from the Detroit Red Wings. Drop the puke and play.

All those wing-ding haters out there will despise this, but that omnipresent octopus is already ahead of the Hawks in delivering logical, cogent insights to the road ahead.

Detroit 1, Blackhawks 0 after the first round of propaganda.

"Every year that we've been here there's been something wrong with us," Red Wings coach Mike Babcock told the Detroit News about their scolding increase of skeptics before opening the season in Stockholm, Sweden, against St. Louis. "We are just going to play and see what happens."

Copy that please and hand it out to the Blackhawks in Helsinki, Finland, where they open the season Friday against Florida. If no one on the Hawks reads a book for the rest of their lives, they should brush up on how to talk like a champion from these Cliff Notes.

Babcock could be taunting and sneering at the Hawks as the team that's already beaten him in some predictions, if not on ice. He knows better. He's willing to wait for the games. He has history on his side and history often kicks ass.
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