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Hawks Win Wild One

Wow, what a night.  The Blackhawks defeated the Blues 7-5 in debatably the most enetertaining game at the United Center this season.  I was hoping to get a blog up pregame but I could not pass on the opportunity to view this one live from the 300 level.  Everyone who reads here has proabably picked up on my hatred for the Blues.  I hate Cam Janssen, I hate Barrett Jackman even more, and I hate the way the Blues always seem to impose their will on the Blackhawks.  None of those were issues tonight though as the Hawks rolled to their 3rd straight victory.

I found it very interesting that ESPN ranked the Hawks 4th in the power rankings(up 10 spots from last week) after a 4-2 circus trip.  Collecting 8 points was great, but I'm not convinced Pierre LeBrun watched any of the games if he thinks that road trip put the Hawks amongst the NHL elite.  But if Pierre is ready to jump on the bandwagon so am I.
It was nice to see Kane and Toews play a major role in a game against St. Louis.  Often neutralized by the Jackmans and Winchesters of the world, Kane and Toews were able to rise up and combine for 4 goals.  It was also interesting to see Kane come to the aid of a teammate in the 3rd period.  His facewash didn't last long before Jackman mauled him, but Kane showed me the tenacity I've been looking for when he took his first, and probably last, roughing penalty of his career.

Jeremy Morin made a name for himself tonight.  His agressiveness on the forecheck created a couple chances and his wonder dump in resulted in an easy goal.  Dropping the gloves was an added bonus, even though I was hoping for Scott vs. Janssen Part 2.

Even though it's hard to be happy about letting in four 3rd period goals I'm willing to chalk that up to the Blues being a pretty decent hockey team.  Give them Oshie and Perron back, put Halak in net, make a move for a scorer, and the Blues could be a serious threat in the West.  Maybe they should call New Jersey and see if the Devils are ready to trade Kovalchuk yet, kidding, kind of...  But joking aside, the only glaring problems I saw in tonight's game were Brian Campbell's sloppy turnovers on the penalty kill.  Luckily they didn't result in any goals.  

Yea the Hawks got lax and let the Blues back in the game but they responded quickly instead of continuing to stand around as the Blues torched Crawford.  Hopefully the W's continue to come as Vancouver heads to town for a matchup on Friday.




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blkhawk11 said:

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Exciting win for the Hawks indeed even though the Blues made a stong effort to come from behind and for a few moments looked as if they were going to run the Hawks out of the building.
Despite Crawford allowing 5 goals (2 on deflections) he played well and made stops that could have turned the tide in favor of the Blues by giveaways by D for not clearing the puck from their zone. This seems to be an ongoing happening for most of failure while on the PK and even on the 5 on 5.....too many giveaways!!!

Kane and Toews were outstanding to say the least and Stalberg performed exceptionally well throughout the whole game.

In my opinion, Kopecky played his best game this season and fitted so well into the big picture despite the loss of his prime teammate, Hossa. He does need to shoot more on the net when given the opportunity to score rather than trying to make almost impossible passes that would be intercepted.

Morin looked great as Hossa's fill-in and was physically active in helping his teammates produce positive results in the scoring department as well as dishing out some clean hits both on the forecheck as well as backcheck.
Great to see the Hawks stretch their winning streak and especially take this one on home ice. Go Hawks Go!!!

One Team said:


Zzzzzzzzzz... wake me up when you have something to add.

OneTeam said:


Still sleeping.

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