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Hawks fall victim to Avalanche...

What a difference two and a half minutes make... What seemed to be a hard fought, character building win ended up being nothing more than your average disappointing losss from the Blackhawks.  Despite a huge effort from Troy Brouwer the Hawks failed to close out the Avalanche. 7-5 was your final with Matt Duchene burying the game winner with a minute and change left to play.

Instead of your average bit about the secondary players needing to step up on this team, tonight's storyline is much different.  Granted Hossa, Kane, and Bolland were out, there is absolutely no excuse for losing a game where Brouwer, Morin, Skille, and Bickell combine for 5 goals.  The onus falls on the core in this one.  Brent Seabrook had a forgettable night.  If playing himself off of the first powerplay unit wasn't enough, he let Duchene waltz right through the slot and put one past Crawford to end the game.  Patrick Sharp also seemed a bit off in this one.  His hustle was there (as always) but he muffed numerous passes that would have resulted in quality scoring chances.  I also can't help but wonder why he would choose to go far side on a 2 on 1 where Anderson was cheating across the crease expecting the pass.

It's rather mind blowing to think about the difference in scoring chances in this game.  Colorado seemed to get players wide open in the slot at will.  Turco was average at best and Crawford was great until the late collapse.

I don't want to get too down but I don't even know what to say anymore.  I can't tell if it's writer's block or if it takes writing skills I don't possess to cover this hockey team.  Saying we will be fine when Kane and Hossa return seems redundant because all season we have been waiting for this team to be "what we thought they were."  There's 50 games left to play and I can't believe I'm saying that my goal for this team is to simply make the playoffs.

But Wednesday is another day I guess.  Taking 4 points from Colorado and Detroit will refill my optimism tank but until then my expectations remain low.  Maybe the Bulls are the story to be covering this year...  



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OneTeam said:


Paul- I think your last statement says it all... The bandwagon has officially circled the block of the UC and has pulled right back up front only to off load its newest "die hard" Bulls fan base. You can tell because some of the Chicago fans are now wearing basketball jerseys with the names "Toews" and "Kane" on the backs. Perhaps as a cost saving measure they just cut off the arms of their newly purchased Hawks jersey's and are trying to blend in? I wouldn’t put it past them especially in light of the fascinating creativity of our new friend "One Team" Yes that’s right, a former Hawks bandwagoner and obvious fan of mine, is attempting to use my "OneTeam" (notice there is no space between the two words) status as their own. Yup, Hawk "fans" have become so disenchanted with, or embarrassed of these 2010-11 Hawks that they would rather liken themselves to a Red Wings ‘troll’ rather than to identify themselves as a Hawks fan anymore. Haha! I love it!

I suppose I take it as a compliment in some ways but the creativity is so lacking, that I can't help but laugh at its sadness. At least when I did it (us another name) it came with flair, originality and gusto! (You know, like some of the ways one would describe the Red Wings play over these past 20 seasons!)

This is what happens with flash-in-the-pan teams so don't get too down on yourself. It's not your fault. You describe a Hawks losing effort as good as anyone can! I mean, at this point I hope you would be good at seem to get a lot of practice! Haha!

In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy your recaps and will wait to see if “One Team” (Ill call him Mini Team) can bring something provocative to the table next time around. As I’ve said before; it’s good to see things getting back to normal in the NHL.

borg said:


You haven't been banned yet?

Oh well, at least the Hawks beat your sorry ass squad. Convincingly and short-handed. That was fun.

OneTeam said:


Banned??? For what? A little blogger trash talk? Lighten up Frances.

Yup, the Hawks played well that night. No penalties and great shot blocking. Hawks earned the win and were the better team that night.

The fact remains that it’s a bigger deal to you guys to beat us than it is for us to win or lose to you. It’s not our "biggest game of the year" every time we play like it seems to be for you all. Just another regular season game in just another season that we are favored Cup contenders.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a compliment. It’s a big deal to Hawk fans and I like the respect it shows in all of your anxieties.

borg said:


No anxieties here, sister. The Hawks are the champs. Other than winning it again, I'm content.

Incidentally, are those cracks I'm starting to see in the Wings' armor?

Alex1 said:

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"What seemed to be a hard fought, character building win ended up being nothing more than your average disappointing loss from the Blackhawks."

There was nothing "average" about that loss. That was a crushing body blow of a loss. Maybe the Hawks will smoke the Avs tomorrow and have a great home stand, but that one hurt a lot.

Paul said:


Yea but this season crushing body blows have become your "average" loss. The Hawks haven't had many losses where you could be satisfied with their effort. Every L is really disheartening because it's either a late collapse, horrible defense, anemic offense, or poor goaltending that causes it. Not many losses where we play our best and they play their best and beat us. And the more games that pass the lesser the hope that this team can really put it together for a sustained stretch. Time will tell.

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