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There is so much racing through my mind when I think about tonight's matchup vs the Thrashers.  Unfortunately, formulating thoughts into well written articles isn't quite my strong suit so prepare yourself for some word vomit...  For a multitude of reasons, tonight's tilt versus Atlanta is the Blackhawks biggest game to date this season.  The most obvious reason is because we've lost 5 of 7 and the Hawks faithful are growing rather hungry for a long string of W's.  But aside from the ever increasing need to accumulate some points, tonight is the 2010-11 Blackhawks chance to show us that we are not all wasting our time blogging/watching/talking/reading about them.

Skille, Stalberg, Pisani, Scott, and whoever else is new this year should be chomping at the bit for the opportunity to embarrass some former Hawks.  These guys couldn't dream of a better chance to gain acceptance from the (to this point very skeptical) Blackhawks fanbase.  Outperforming the very people they were brought in to replace will provide a breath of fresh air that has the potential to finally right the ship.  And I believe Morin is getting his first shot tonight too!  If he buries 2 goals and gets an assist maybe we will forget that that 6'5" 250 lb. D-man dressed in baby blue who hits like a freight train but has the skill of a top 6 forward ever donned a Hawk's jersey.

But I can only skirt around my true feelings for so many sentences before I have to just let it out.  I hope the Thrashers trounce the Hawks tonight.  I hope Buff gets a hat trick; one a blistering slapper from the point, one off a rebound when he's posted up in front of the net, and one a coast to coast breakaway during which he undresses any new Blackhawks player.  I hope Ladd grinds out a goal as well.  I hope Sopel blocks 10 shots.  I'd also love to see Ben Eager record a Gordie Howe hat trick, beating John Scott's face in.  

Why you ask?  I'm not truly sure.  Am I a Thrashers fan?  I don't think so.  I guess I just believe the only way for the new faces on this team to see what it is expected of them is to get a taste of it first hand.  If Buff, Ladd, Sopel, and Eager don't show up tonight and the Hawks cruise to victory it will give all these new guys a false sense of security.  I want them to understand what it took to win the Cup last year.  Getting beat up by last years Hawks to drop under .500 15 games into the year will put us at a rock bottom that I never expected to see.  But when the Hawks get up off the mat tonight an opportunity for everyone's true colors to show will present itself.  After that I will be able to make my final assessment of the 2010-11 Blackhawks.    

But what do I know?  Maybe I'm just that "too attached to a player" fan who will never be able to let go of last year's squad.  That's for all of you loyal readers to decide.  But unless someone can convince me otherwise, an 8-0 Thrashers victory is what I will be looking for tonight.  




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iplagitr said:


Sorry you're disappointed Paul, but I'll take a Hawks win any day over a hard-knock loss lesson!

I haven't been too impressed with Turco's shootout style yet, but the poke-check on Buff was brilliant. Speaking of that, when is Kane ever going to be brilliant in the SO? For someone with so many slick moves, he rarely dazzles in his lazy attempts.

If this game doesn't prove that Kane and Toews are way more magical when put on the ice together, what will?

Paul said:


Agreed on Kane and Toews, I've always been a huge advocate of them being paired. And I think Kane gets crippled by the situation when he's up in the shootout. Toews gets to go first so he has chance to be dynamic. 5 hole, backhand/forehand (like tonight), forehand/backhand; there's never life or death pressure on him when he goes. When Kane comes up the shootout is often close to decided. I'm sure he has some real nifty Sportscenter top 10 type moves up his sleeve but how can he take the chance of missing the net when a goal can end the game. He always gets forced to take his highest percentage shot which is the forehand/backhand, and if I know that surely every goalie in the NHL does too.

HawksRule said:


I can't wait to see the NHL power rankings this week after the Hawks go 0-3 at home to the league's bottom-dwellers in the past 10 days. Pathetic. I'd put them ranked at #30 if it was up to me.

iplagitr said:


And the worst news for Blackhawks fans may be that their next game is against the second-to-last-place-in-the-west Coyotes!

HawksRule said:


What's left to say at this point? 09-10 was a great season!

Hostile Hawk said:


Hey ipla, I would love to have your comments at too.

iplagitr said:


Puck - I've been reading your website lately and it's great. As usual, we're on the same page. I haven't make any comments there yet because I've been too pissed-off & depressed about the Hawks' play!

OneTeam said:


Under .500? Maybe its a result of all of those Delay of Game penalties. Its ruining the game! Ha ha!

Ps- Love watching all of those "die hard" Hawk fans jumping ship so early in the season. (you know you've seen it too) Its even more pathetic than the Hawks home record!

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