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Hossa wins Hart Trophy with 136 point Season...


Okay maybe I'm getting a bit ahead of myself but can you blame me?  It seems like just yesterday the Blackhawks sign the Hoss.  The Stanley Cup was in Sidney Crosby's bed and Mike Kiley was writing for Blackhawks Confidential.  Oh how things have changed.  Some for the better, some for the worse, but it was right around lunchtime when Mr. Kiley ran out to inform me of the mammoth contract Marian Hossa had just signed with the Blackhawks.  A Red Wing who can't win the Cup? What good is he? What about Marty Havlat? Those questions were popping into the minds of Blackhawks fans everywhere.  And now he needs surgery?  Out til Thanksgiving?  Man I hope the guys upstairs know what they are doing.  Let's fast forward to the present.  Patrick Kane has chugged enough beer from the Cup to make Mike Kiley shudder and Marian Hossa is leading the NHL with 5 points through three games. 

Normally this is where I point out that it's way to early to make lasting judgements but this may be the excpetion.  Barring injury (I'm knocking on wood as I type this), Marian Hossa may be well on his way to having the best season of his career.  The monkey is off his back, he's playing with Jonathon Toews, and his game is as sharp as ever.  Us fans are being treated to far side wristers and fake slapper 5 holes instead of the thumps we were growing used to as Hossa shot the puck off of the goalies chest.

Lucky for Kane and Toews, Hossa's attention grabbing start has allowed for their average at best offensive play to fly under the radar.  Kane has been too quiet for my approval and Toews doesn't appear to yet be the point per game player I had envisioned.  That may still change (and I hope it does) but for now I can settle for watching Hossa fly around the ice like an unproven rookie looking for his first Cup.  

But since it's only been three games I can't dedicate an entire blog to #81.  Wednesday night against Nashville will give other guys a shot to gain Hossa like praise from Blackhawks Confidential.  Games vs. the Predators usually don't prove to be very entertaining but there are still some things to look forward too.  Turco will likely be back in net searching for his first victory as a Hawk.  Hjalmarsson's brain fart has also blessed us with the opportuntiy to see more John Scott...  Can the power play keep improving?  Can Jack Skille continue to impress?  Can anyone elevate their play to the level Hossa has been at thus far?  I guess we will impatiently wait and see.

That's all I got for now, check back post game tomorrow for a chance to get my take and offer yours as well.         



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VegasHawksFan said:


Three weeks ago and several months ago, it was being discussed here that Hossa was a potential bust for the Hawks because he didn't score enough in the playoffs. I don't see any difference between then and now in how he plays except for now he is healthy. It's great he gets the love now for scoring, but I hope people can chill later if he hits a slump or if he busts his ass like he did in the playoffs and isn't scoring.

As for Hammer, I would have expected just as much punishment from the league if they had hit one of our guys like that.

OneTeam said:


I left this on the wrong board- So sorry..Here it is again:

My theory on Hossa is that he only plays at one level. He plays at a sorta playoff like level of hockey throughout the regular season while the others are just at regular season speed. Then when the playoffs come, the others elevate their game but Hossa has nowhere to go. He just blends in with the crowd instead of standing far above the competition. He has no "next level". Thats why his playoff stats are just pedestrian numbers.

I mean, you just kinda said it yourself (at least observed) "...he didn't score enough in the playoffs. I don't see any difference between then and now."

I think your right! There is no difference between how he played in the playoffs and so far this regular season. I just think it doesnt work as well when everyone else has elevated their games to and beyond his level. (im probably making this sound more complicated than it really is)

Its not a bad thing..I mean, Hossa is a regular season KILLER! He wins regular season by himself so that the rest of the team doesnt have too. A lot can be said about a guy that can truly impact where you land in the playoff standings.

Just a theory. Im sure not everyone see's it that way... Just wanted your thoughts?

SDSTAN said:

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Crawford starting tonight, interesting... Need to see much more from Brouwer, Kane and Kopecky. Kane needs to remind himself to commit to a backcheck like Hossa. Detroit's first goal on Saturday was the direct result of Kane peeling off of his man (the eventual goal scorer) and coasting toward the puck.

menofmags said:

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Even with a scoring slump Hoss is on a roll and has the potential for a 50+ goal season. About the only skater capable of putting up that kind of number on this team. Even though the goals were not as plentiful during the run for Lord Stanley his overall game still was above most. My spin to what has contributed to his fast start this year is health, talent, most important maturity. It is only a matter of time for the youngsters to clear their heads of hangovers resulting from all the drinking from the "CUP" this past summer and to get back to the playing the game at the level Hossa has started at.

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