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Hawks Win!!!


Now that's what I'm talking about.  5-2 victory for the Blackhawks tonight at the Nationwide Arena.  Outside of a 10 minute span (approximately) that was started and finished by a short handed goal the Blackhawks dominated this one.  Since it's Friday night and I don't get paid nearly enough to sacrifice an opportunity to go celebrate I'm going to make this one short but sweet.  Here's what I took from tonight's win in Columbus:

Marian Hossa continued to be an absolute monster, playing another great all around game.  Patrick Sharp scored on 2 of the 300 shots he took, great for my fantasy team, not so much for his shooting percentage.  Stalberg finally showed us how his blazing speed can directly lead to offense.  For the second consecutive game I actually noticed Troy Brouwer out on the ice.  And John Scott finally found a role that benefits the team (on the bench).

Cullimore looked dependable, Dowell made a great shorthanded play, there were plenty of things to be happy about tonight.  This is the Hawks team I have been waiting to see.  The best part is that they did it without 3 of their top 10 guys.  Once Kaner gets going and the D is bolstered up with Campbell and the Hammer as the second pair we will be in for a treat.

Me and my red Brent Seabrook Jersey will be viewing from the 8th row tomorrow night against Buffalo.  As a result, you probably won't hear from me again until Sunday.  Hopefully a continuation of this love fest is in order.    



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Hostile Hawk said:


I think it is time to stop hating on Kopecky. 6 points on the season so far, not bad.

Stalberg has really promising talent. It begs the question, can this squad be better than last years? I break it down a bit more at my little blog if your intrigued, but do others see the possibility here?
Skille, Bickell, Stalberg all look damn good so far. Right now, I would rather have Kopecky over Buf in regular season play too. If Brouwer can continue to be noticed and maybe even steel some spotlight here and there, I don't know, maybe this is a stronger team.
I agree, Scott has to start packing, and not for his ride back to Chicago. In fact, don't pack and stay in Columbus. I liked his promise, but he is not delivering anything.
Sharp and Hossa are both breaking 40 this year, Hossa might break 50. Lots of things to be happy about. Lots to be uneasy about too (goaltending), but I like the way things look overall.
By the way, What is up with Bolland? Again.

iplagitr said:


Great effort. Sharp shoulda / coulda had about 7 goals. Not only did he have the 300 shots, but it seemed like about 200 of them were right in front of the crease.

I agree with Puck on a bit of goaltending uneasiness, but think it's too early to say much. Turco has his own style, but looks pretty Hasek-esque out there. Seems like he's flopping a bit too much and has gotten very fortunate with the opposition missing shots and hitting a lot of goal posts in his starts so far. I thought Crawford looked more disciplined in his games. Turco has made some really nice stops though, and a good puck-handling goalie is a whole new dimension for the Hawks if they can get used to it.

Kane wasn't missed tonight, but I'll be glad to see him back. I still think he's a bit lost not being on a line with JT. Looking forward to seeing Hammer back in the line-up, and also the day when Scott is fully demoted.

I must have missed the part of the game where Brouwer was noticeable. He needs to be much better, and has the ability to do so. And yeah, has Bolland even been on the ice yet this season?

borg said:


Way too many turnovers again. Columbus could've had 5 goals if not for posts and poor finishing abilities.

I don't think this game tells us much other than the Jackets are pretty bad again.

QStache said:


The Jackets sucked last night. A bunch of open side chances for them all missed because of bad passing. Keiths giveaway leading to the shorty was bush league.

borg said:


Can't remember the last time I saw the Hawks dominated like they've been by Buffalo.

iplagitr said:


And yet the Hawks are in the position to potentially steal this one!

borg said:


They stole it, although if the refs had a clue as to what they're doing, it might've been easier. That said, the Hawks really badly outplayed and seem very disinterest defensively and unable to use puck possession to control the game.

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