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Nothing better then typing a blog at work when the power flashes on and off,  causing the office computer to intstantly reboot, making your well thought out unsaved masterpiece disappear like a scoring chance when Tomas Kopecky has the puck.  Okay, that was a little harsh, but so was ComEd's decision to cut the power right before I could click publish.  Instead of retyping it all I'm going to briefly summarize what was on my mind when I originally sat down.

Coach Q has activated the Blackhawks shuffle for tonight's game with the Kings.  Skille is on the top line, Kopecky is the #2 center, and Kane has been rightfully demoted to the third line.  I'm all for mixing things up, but sometimes it's better to make a new playlist than just continuing to reshuffle the one you already have.

Jesse Rogers said in an ESPN chat session today that "We are going to see a lot more mixing and matching before Rockford is taken into consideration."  Not an exact quote but you get the point.  Well, maybe you do, because I don't.

With Pisani being totally useless why not give his roster spot to an Icehog?  Potulny, Pirri, Beach, Morin, Makarov... Why not give one of them a shot?  They can't do much worse than Pisani.  All of the Hogs possess considerable upside when compared to Fernando. 

Maybe Jesse Rogers is right when considering Beach or Makorov, but how is Potulny not on this team yet?  35ish points with a horrible Oilers team as a center last year.  Bringing him up puts Sharp permanently on the wing (assuming Bolland can hack it as a #2 center, which he should have no problem doing with Kane and Sharp at his sides) and also allows for the Slovak connection to stay together on the top line.  It also put Pisani right where he belongs, on the healthy scratch list. 

But what do I know?  It's easy to play GM on Blackhawks Confidential.  If I had things my way Kane-Toews-Beach would be the 1st line tonight, John Scott would be fighting Sheldon Souray as an Icehog, and Dustin Byfuglien would be wearing an "A" for the Blackhawks (similar to how he is with Atlanta).  There goes the little credibility I had, hopefully the new look Blackhawks will add to Coach Q's tonight...                 



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VegasHawksFan said:


Have to admit, those lines worked better then I expected. Kopecky had only about a third of the face offs that Toews did, but both at least had >50% success. Kane looked a lot better defensively tonight and was a +1 by game end. What's up with Keith? At least his ice time fell a little bit. Prediction, if teams continue to clog the neutral zone and the Hawks learn to deal with it, they are again going to be a very dangerous team come playoff time.

Jerry Kayne said:


The Hawks aren't in their stride yet. As long as they're winning most of their games I can be patient while they're getting it together.

But I'm going crazy about Boynton in the meantime. I can't believe he's a professional hockey player. Always out of position and almost always passing the wrong way. He even passed to the bench during a line change last night, almost costing a too many men on the ice penalty. He got a penalty for holding last night for not moving his feet. As we say in rat hockey "skate or get off the ice."

Hostile Hawk said:


Pisani was a big issue of mine coming in to tonight's game. I thought he played better being demoted to the 4th line, but he is still nowhere near getting off my chopping block.
As for the lines, when I first heard about them I had positive reaction. To be honest, I thought they made a lot of sense given what we had seen thus far and I didn't think Q had it him to make a strong choice like that. I was at the game and was able to see more of what it led to. Ultimately loosing Hossa threw a stick in the spokes. The lines became a wild card and the Hawks were lucky to get a win.
Turco saved this game and Sharp put the icing on the cake.
The best players on the ice were Skille and Kopecky. This is no joke. Skille kept to his aggressive everywhere play against some top lines (But if he keeps playing this way, he will end up injured) and Kopecky made really strong moves to the net and won a lot of battles down low.
There is a very obvious flaw in the Hawks positioning which is leading to the defensive breakdowns and neutral zone blunders and it has to do with where the offensive players are.

Jerry Kayne said:


Kopecky will always play better without Hossa. When Hossa is on the ice, Kopecky feels unworthy and is now the master of the 2 ft pass. It doesn't matter where he is in relation to Hossa he looks to pass to him, even if he's next to him. And Hossa must hate it because he tries to return the favor, which is why, in my mind, he's not shooting to score. He's shooting for a rebound for his little buddy.

No Hossa's out for a while. Kopecky will be a star as long as he's not on Skille's line. They're similar in "style."

SDSTAN said:

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Not impressed. A win is a win, but they were very lucky to get two points. Kings dominated the second half of the game and Turco got them the win (in addition to the cross bar late in the third). Except for his assist, Keith looked awful for some stretches and tired in the third. Kane was only slightly better and looks disinterested most of the time.

Jerry Kayne said:


As Patrick Roy said, the posts are part of the goalie's equipment.

beaverwarrior said:


After tonight's game against the Oilers. There's only one direction for the Hawks to go. Hopefully they can turn things around when the soup returns. GO HAWKS!

Hostile Hawk said:


Harsh loss. A series of unfortunate events really.
Loosing a game 7-4 when you outshot the opponent 41-22 and had 10 minutes of PP time to there 2 minutes.
Not what you like to see.
Hit up for more of my thoughts on it.

hgfchgcy said:

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