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Blues vs. Blackhawks Tonight!


About 4 years ago I made the decision to attend college at St. Louis University.  It was the perfect place.  300 miles was an ideal distance from home, no snow in the winter, warmer weather year round; those were all positives in my mind.  The only drawback (besides having horrible pizza and not serving Italian Beef anywhere in the city) was being forced to constantly defend the sports teams of the city I called home.  Cubs vs. Cardinals, yea, there's not much to say there.  Even though I bleed Cubby Blue with the best of 'em, no argument I could muster really held water against a 10-0 World Series rings advantage over the past 100 years.  But it was never the Red Bird that got to me.  It was that blue and yellow music note that never failed to get my blood boiling.

Blues fans are an interesting breed.  Their opinions on hockey never ceased to amaze me.  I couldn't even begin to count the number of nights I spent at the local campus establishment defending the Hawks honor against all who were willing to engage me.  Some arguments were casual, others more aggressive.  But regardless, it became fairly obvious to me that never tasting an ice cold beer from Lord Stanley's Cup was beginning to take it's toll on the minds of Blues fans everywhere. 

Who in their right mind could say Oshie-Berglund-Perron is as deadly a combo as Kane-Toews-Hossa?  Likewise, who could really believe that Cam Janssen offers more to a team than Ben Eager?  Some arguments did hold a hint of legitimacy, Duncan Keith vs. Erik Johnson, ehh maybe....but not really. 

But when all the chips were down and both parties had their say, there was one thing I shared with every Blues fan I came across; a deep deep hatred for Barret Jackman.  A hatred that only a vicious right cross from John Scott could alleviate.  Maybe tonight two cities will get their wish!

Blackhawks vs. Blues at the United center tonight, first meeting of the year.  It pains me to see that Cam Janssen will be scratched because he is the sole reason I was excited about signing John Scott.  I guess we will have to wait for that scrap, settling for a Scott vs. Winchester battle instead. 

But let's not focus on 5 minutes of ice time fourth liners.  In addition to continued dominance by Hossa and Sharp, I really hope the defense can show signs of hope tonight.  Facing an average offensive attack should provide another opportunity for the Hawks to tighten up on the back end.  Turco has looked great, but I'm not convinced he can last all year facing 40 shots per night.

I also imagine Captain Serious will give a strong effort tonight.  As focused as he is on the total team effort, Toews can only watch Hossa and Sharp steal the spotlight for so long.  I wonder if he will get some time alongside Kane like we saw on Saturday.

The Hawks and Blues have had a revived rivalry the past few years, I expect that to continue tonight.  This one should be fun!  Go Blackhawks! I look forward to hearing from you loyal readers postgame.     



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blkhawk11 said:

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Good post, Paul. Enjoyed the win last nite and was really impressed with the offensive plays, especially Hossa, Sharp and Kopecky and find that Hossa is truly playing to the best form that I have witnessed since he became a Hawk! The Hawks goals were very impressive to say the least but found the defence really lacking in puck control and creating far too many scoring chances in favor of the Blues...Hawks need more speed and finesse in this area as our goaltending is somewhat weak, especially on rebound opportunities in my opinion. Also, first goal by Blues should not have been as it appeared quite soft and Turco mishandled it badly. Nevertheless, we were able to make a superb comeback with beautiful plays and skill. Go Hawks!!!

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