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The Old Man and the See-Saw

I have gone up-and-down, back-and-forth, round-and-round--and that is just trying to get out of bed--but I have decided after some inappropriate meditation on life as I know it and wish it to be to pass on the baton of Blackhawks Confidential to a blogger to be named later.

There have been so many Blackhawks experts created within the last several months that I know it will be easy for Chicago Now to pluck one out of some breadline.

I have designated myself for assignment. Please, I consider it quite insulting to hear John McDonough cheering all the way from his Madhouse to my Nuthouse. I hope in my memory someone will continue to remind Johnny Dangerous he's never as smart as he thinks he is, a character flaw we both share.

Why put myself on waivers? Well, let us go ahead and put the blame on God, charge right past Judge Judy as the highest authority in the land and plead our case for understanding in front of the only Supreme Court that will adjudicate us, Lindsay and Paris and Gaga all on the same merit.

See, I'm still going for the search engine dynamics right to the bitter end, even if I still like my old-fashioned headlines with a twist and can't comply with the orders to keep it simple and straightforward for better Internet efficiency.

What could He/She/It/Them/Don't Ask, Don't Tell (we have always been a sensitive blog) have been thinking with only a 24-hour day, 7-day week? I have encountered difficulty in balancing all I must do to survive against all I would surely like to do to sustain my smartass lifestyle in perpetuity and still be relevant.

God help us, time's up for me. My revelancy has unraveled.

It leaves me with more admiration than ever for the many excellent blogs on the Hawks. They also cope with time constraints and yet find a way together to often make more valid judgments and reasoned explanations than you see made at many of the mainstream media sites on a consistent basis.

So many choices, so little time left on the clock, and like Jay Cutler, always a chance we'll be intercepted just when we thought we had 'em by the balls.

For all the misguided, aloof mainstream media, sniffers who consider the emerging profession of blogging undignified, I must remind this endangered species that in many ways bloggers have replaced the same old chronicling of events because it is done with a dedication, a passion, a purpose, a highmindness and a rabidness that stale, cliched and sing-song sameness of packaging information, opinion, and news will never equal.

People can tell the difference between sincerity and needless repetition and that battle is being won currently by the bloggers. Are bloggers sometimes careless, a bit too anxious to break news or somebody's head, resulting in recklessness and a cavalier acquaintance with the facts on some occasions?

Yep. But some overexuberance is better than cookie-cutter journalism and the same old junk stories that are done to fill space but have no real importance and tell us nothing we didn't already know or suspect. The same junk stories generated for your grandfather are still generated for you, leaving no question really why some media formats are gasping for a fresh breath as their lights and oxygen go out.

Bloggers are on the job 24 hours a day. Their news cycle never sleeps. There will still be people who put a newspaper to bed while bloggers are haunting the street in search of being vigilant and dispensing their own form of vigilante justice, a force that can strike any old hour of the day or night and a spin a story into an event.

There would never have been a need for blogging as an alternative viewpoint or an adjunct to news if newspapers in general didn't go to sleep on the job and choose to be repetitious, bland and smugly satisfied to churn the same old hash, only in more vivid color.

In sports, certain teams provide access only as long as the reporter is willingly pliant and not overly inquisitive or combative. The Blackhawks have really sought to blog themselves and control the information that emanates from them by running the press shop themelves. A critical look inside at the operation is verboten and thus never attempted.

Teams understand a controlled media is just an extension of their PR unit. No one is expected to accentuate that, but if you can't tell the difference between some writers covering teams and sucking off teams, there's a reason for that. Everyone is in bed together and sucking each other off is encouraged.

Now, I have enjoyed a lively menage a trois myself. But I'll admit to it. Others, who have been and still are journalistic whores, hide behind moralistic makeup.

When everybody is cozy in the same bed, you can fire a general manager and no one ever truly says why. Keep it under the covers. Good 'ol boys sticking together so the same humdrum process can continue. And just as long as you win a championship and are heroes, everybody's happy.

Well, enough preaching. My son, Mark, and I would like to thank our readers. It's been fun only because of the give-and-take with all of you. It hurts us most that we are cutting that cord with a strong base with whom we have enjoyed not only an agenda of wins and losses, but repartee and laughs.

Until recently, Blackhawks fans were the least recognized sports audience in this city. But long before the team became popular by winning a championship, it was a fandom that knew more about its sport than any other group of fans.

The knowledge that Hawks fans possess, and that is transformed into passion and a love for their game, is truly amazing and without compare. I fondly remember that time when I was a hockey writer, just as I will look back in my short span as one of many hockey bloggers and remember the year when it all fell into place and the ice age dawned again upon us at long last.

Bonjour and bonsoir, madames and monsieurs. Keep your eyes peeled and watch your backs. It might be me on the next bar stool, killing some free time watching the Hawks and wondering if Edzo is telling us the truth or selling us a tale that he was told to peddle like snake oil.

And if that guy next to you starts preaching and sputtering, yep, that's me.



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Staley said:

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Thank you for your contributions. I don't think anyone would mind a Jordan/Sandberg-esque change of heart.

Blackhawk Up said:

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Sad to see you go, Mike. If you ever want to make any contributions to Blackhawk Up, feel free to get in touch.

Stylin19 said:


Mike you will be missed but if you have any say in who your predecessor is, I certainly wouldn't mind talking about Chicago's most productive franchise all year long. At least on here there might be some people who don't get as bored with it as my friends and girlfriend does. Let me know and thanks for all the posts.

beaverwarrior said:



It's been a pleasure and a honor to contribute to this great blog. You will be truly missed here in the great pacific northwest.
May you enjoy life after bloging...

Steven aka the Beaverwarrior

Jerry Kayne said:


I can't tell if you're a quitter or felt this is a great time to retire now that you've won a Stanley Cup? Did they at least spell your name right?

Or did the Hawks put too much media-strong-arm pressure on you? I see those guys as too small and won't go into the dirty areas in the paint.

I'm disappointed but certainly understand. You and Mark will leave a Blackhawks related literary hole in my inbox. I always knew there was a new Blackhawks Confidential column waiting in my inbox from the smell of day old Wild Turkey and a week's collection of cigars.

You were our Bill Jauss, Ben Bentley, and Bill Gleason all rolled up into one classy sports writer. I hope you don't stop writing completely, I'd read anything you write. So keep in touch somehow.

I read all the Blackhawks blogs. They all have great opinions and are knowledgeable Blackhawks but they don't write it like you do Mike. I'll miss that. They try to be entertaining but you succeed every time.

I say you turn the column over to Morris. He's always right, especially when he says I'm always right.

Your retirement from this blog reminds me of when when Lawrence Olivier died, now all the Blackhawks bloggers move up 1 because you are #1.

We'll all move on and I'll toast you during the banner raising while watching my DirecTV feed (which has Versus again). Thanks for giving me the opportunity to vent and pontificate the last couple of years. I hope I was one of the commenters that gave you a laugh or two.

I wish you and your family the best, Mike in your golden years and Mark with his young family. I hope you have many years of health and nachas from your grandchildren. Keep in touch.

PS. you may have a career in search engine consulting like me. Here's my blog (backlink): or do a search for me, I'm everywhere!

VegasHawksFan said:


Thanks for all the columns and wit Mike, it's been a great ride. I read the other blogs too but come here to comment because the crowd is a little more laid back and less interested in seeing if they can outdo each other with obscure references. You and Mark were a great tag team, good luck in whatever endeavors you move in to.

Mike, aka nklhd

pilote3 said:


Please give it a 2nd and 3rd thought! Your insight is irreplaceable.But if you must please enjoy your life and thank you so much for the great atricles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

icehogst said:

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What the hell? No, no, no. Why, why, why. I hope your reason is substantially more money elsewhere because we all understand that the baby needs new shoes. Yeah, there are some seriously smart bloggers here, but all comment are in response to what you say. You are the originator. The initiator. The throw your ass out there and see what happens orator. We are sniveling varmits reacting to our leader's words.

Damn you. Thank you. Please do not turn your keyboard over to that Morris guy. I still am searchin for word 1 that I understand.

Forklift said:


Shit, now only Morris is keeping me from being oldest Hawks blogger.

Thanks for everything you did here Mike. I'm not sure what the future holds for you, but I hope you get at least a few minutes in Banff with Mike Keenan's credit card.

iplagitr said:


Thank you, Mike/Mark, for creating the only blog I ever commented on. You both will be greatly missed. I also have an immense appreciation for the group of dedicated bloggers usually involved in these discussions. Being a long-distance fan, you all were my lifeline for Hawk-talk throughout the last season. I look at the blog pages for other cities/teams and I just laugh at the yahoos who waste their time slamming each other with meaningless two-sentence profane rants. Somehow this blog has been preserved from most of that nonsense, and I hope it continues when a new writer steps in. I say Jerry, Borg, and Morris team up for columns - that way it will always be right, always have spot-on-accuracy-up-to-the-minute scouting analysis, and always be full of saucy puns and good cheer from up yonder.

All the best!

Dean Youngblood said:


Mike and Mark,

Thanks. It was fun. Best wishes.

I really could not tell from your post if you are leaving on a good note or otherwise. Hopefully, all is good.

Hostile Hawk said:


Damn shame,
but only because this site has been put together so well, with humor, and also dignity. Good luck in whatever hides around the corner. Enjoy the season, because it is going to be a wild ride. I am very optimistic about this question mark season.
I came to this blog because I left other ones feeling saddened about the Hawk's blogging community. Some people out there don't respect other's opinions, even when they are right. This blog was and is a place of respect. Delivering that and the witty remarks that kept things so interesting is combo I couldn't refuse. Thanks for the ride, and thanks for not ramming hateful words down my throat when I said Nemi had to be the #1 guy, and that he would win a cup.

SDSTAN said:

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Bummer, I really enjoyed coming to your blog, it made last year's run even more fun. Best wishes to you and your family, can't wait for the regular season to start!

OneTeam said:


If you wanted me to stop posting pro Red Wing rants, there were easier ways to get me off of your blog and out of your life. Geez! But I gotta say….. something doesn’t seem right about this. In fact..The gig is up! I know what you're doing...It’s the old "Pretend to quit blogging...wait till I’m gone and then start a new blog under a new alias" bit. If I have seen it once, I have seen it a thousand times! (No seriously..a lot of bloggers have done this to me before!!) Well, don’t think for a minute that I won’t put two and two together when I read the ChicagoNow's newest blogger under the name "Kike Miley"!

In all seriousness Mike, I just wanted you to know that I have really appreciated your writings over this past year. There is a BIG difference between the everyday run-of-the-mill hockey blogger and a real life pro like you. The others lack the personal touch and style that you bring with every creation! It just won’t be any fun stirring it up on someone else’s dime. You are truly irreplaceable. Thanks for putting up with all of my BS and blatant instigations. You were a great host and that fact was never lost on me. So thank you. I wish you well and hope that you will consider joining in on the other side of the conversation in the near future. I’m sure we would ALL love to hear from you up here in the nose bleeds ..I mean..comment section once in a while. As a fair well, I thought I would leave you with this oldie but goodie:

"A bend in the road is not the end of the road...unless of course you fail to make the turn!"


VegasHawksFan said:


Pre season is Pre season, but Hossa is looking incredible. Man that guy is so strong carrying the puck. Hope that holds up against the real NHLers

Dave Morris said:


Say it ain't so, Mike. Say it ain't so.

And do not go quietly into that good night.

The World of Blackhawks is saddened by your departure. At least I hope the Powers That Be retire your number and give you a Heritage Month. One evening of fanfare is not enough for all you have given.

Here's to you, Doctor Kiley.

Hostile Hawk said:


I miss posts already. There is so much to talk about. The season starts so soon.

Does anyone have a good blog that they would recommend.
I started up an old one of my own again, if anyone is interested.
I give another shout out to Mike there.

Alligator Derski said:


Thanks for this blog. It was definitely the best spot around for sound perspectives on the Hawks. You will be missed.

mikeyo said:

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Lemme tell you a little something about change... IT SUCKS. Find me another hockey blog that worked Samuel Johnson into the discussion. Crude humor, no problem, but a mixing of the high and low? That's not so easy. And throwing your kid into the mix when you were too hungover to write? PURE GENIUS. We're really going to miss you. Good luck with the parole board.

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