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Help cure cancer while monitoring Cristobal Huet death watch

hockeenight.jpgThe gossipsphere sure seems awfully quiet if Tuesday really is a day of civic celebration in Chicago and goaltender Cristobal Huet is in his final hours before being shipped to a place that appreciates a tasty escargot, a misunderstood morsel which is never filling and leaves you always wanting more.

See, in France, the food and the man are like one.

I know because my maternal grandmother hailed from the Alsace-Lorraine region, where a mix of French and German should have been the breeding ground for a lot of NHL goons. Alas, no such positive structure to the violence there, where storm troopers didn't garner the same laughs as decades later in "Star Wars."

The French international team is on a worse roll than Huet, not qualifying to play with the big boys in men's hockey since 2002, the year they finished 14th. That's why you might have noticed Huet and his fellow Huguenots (history lessons are good for your soul) were missing from that recent renaissance of hockey in the Olympics, an enlightening era likely to last maybe 5 to 6 minutes, so don't blink.

And just because Huet was again missing in action and kept his seat Tuesday night on Long Island to watch Andy Niemi make his fifth straight start, some Blackhawks fans figure Huet won't qualify for another Stanley Cup run and will soon leave the cap-crunched club almost debt free by being traded by Wednesday's deadline for either Florida's Tomas Vokoun or any available goaltending savior to be named (and defamed) later.

(I should add that Vokoun is a sizeable debt problem similar to Huet, so how this comes out in the wash is anybody's guess. We'll wait to examine the money laundering if it happens.)

In other words, you have a little time to kill while waiting for your championship hopes to be stirred, shaken or shattered. So I have a suggestion. Lend your glove hand in wiping out cancer.

You might not think so right now with the Stanley Cup on the line, but it's really a bigger deal than wiping out Huet, who appears more likely to stick around this season, anyway, and roil your stomach occasionally the same as a heavy French pastry.

Hockey players and hockey fans are some of the best people I have ever encountered, so it's not surprising to see intrepid blogger Forklift from flapping the pink flag for the Susan G. Komen For The Cure organization.

He has been doing it for a few years now, supporting Komen's important and vital breast cancer research, counseling and treatment programs at the same time he also trips the light fantastic like Fred Astaire. Or Fred Flintstone. One of those guys.

Forklift is soliciting donations in conjunction with "Dancing With Chicago Celebrities," an event occuring March 12 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Chicago. Donations for this worthy cause should be directed to this website:

Punch the link in honor of Adam Burish's imminent return to the wars and pay your debt to the betterment of mankind. Put a fork in it, if you will.

Now, I will have to take it on blind faith that Forklift can emulate a deft Denis Savard spinarama when called upon to let 'er rip on the dance floor.

I know that my only dance routines are confined to either the hippo ballet or the elephant ballet from Dance Of the Hours in Fantasia. And you thought I wasn't a two-way player.

Come Wednesday, you'll feel better you did your small part for breast cancer research. And Huet will feel better that he's still a Blackhawk and maybe ready to start again at United Center when the Hawks return home Wednesday night against Edmonton.

If you choose, make a donation in Huet's name as a personal blow against all his naysayers. Or make a donation that your fervent wish comes true at last and he disappears faster than Milton Bradley.

Love is all around us. That's just the French in me. Once I get my Irish up, the French don't stand a chance.



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madara said:


Touche my good man.

Mike Kiley said:


I love how the blog has grown into being so bilingual, unintelligible in any language. Even with the recent defection of noted Canadian linguist Dave Morris. I keep checking my vodka bottles for missing persons pictures, but I haven't found him yet. The search will go on.

Forklift said:


Mike, I can't thank you enough for giving our fundraising a plug. We've raised a lot so far, and we're still getting donations.

As for which Fred I most resemble (I think it's Fred Sasakamoose, myself), I offer for public critique:

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