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Detroit fans could lose their shirts Sunday in Chicago

WingsHawksT.jpgIn the interest of stirring the pot this holiday season, I bring you greetings from Red Wings nation, where this was found hiding in their closet.

There seems a good chance, though, that Detroit fans figuratively and literally could lose their shirt with two games against Chicago within four days, starting Sunday at United Center.

The Wings are the Ghost of Stanley Cup titles past, while the Blackhawks are the Ghost of future championships, beginning with 2010.

Happy holidays. Time to kick some ass and jingle some bells.



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Alligator Derski said:


Hell yeah. Go Hawks! Detroit can suck an octopus.

HawksFan71 said:

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If they're so smart, how come they can't figure out how to build cars that anyone wants, or clean up their "city," or, for that matter, learn how to make ginger ale that doesn't taste like sugar-infused sewage.

SouthSideHawkMan said:


Uurrgghh Dead Wings and their fan base. I'd love a doubt digit Hawks win over the Wings for Christmas.

FearlessFreep said:


Any news on Zetterberg being out for the game? He strained a shoulder muscle and had to leave yesterday's game against Tampa. I know he had an MRI done but I haven't found anything more since.

All kidding aside on the animosity between Detroit and the Hawks, I still respect the Wings because they are a class organization. They did lose some key talent in the off-season, but they've really been hit hard by injuries this year - and Zetterberg would just add insult to injury - so to speak. Give this team a ton of credit because they are still a tough team to play and will keep pressuring the Hawks even with all the bad mojo they've had this year.

FearlessFreep said:


Just read a blog remark on Second City Hockey that Zetterberg is reportedly out two weeks.

Hawks catch a break there.

iplagitr said:


I agree with Freep. I mean, I hate the Wings, but they are a classy organization and they win games the right way - by playing good, clean, elite-level hockey. The Hawks are in that category now as well, and hopefully will have have a similar long and successful reign at the top.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves - we still need to beat Boston before we take down the Wings!

FearlessFreep said:


Let's have some CHOW-DAH for dinner tonight!

iplagitr said:


I lived in Chicago for 25 years, but now I live about 80 miles south of Boston, so this game carries a little more significance for me. I proudly drive my Jeep through Bruins country every day with a huge Hawks Indian Head logo on the tire cover, and I'll be one of the few wearing a red jersey in the crowd when the Hawks visit the "Gah-den" in January!

Jerry Kayne said:


Last night on the NHL channel they announced a separated shoulder for Zetterberg

FearlessFreep said:


Niemi is starting tonight. Any chance we get three you-know-whats in a row?

Dave Morris said:


Mike, that's quite a fashion statement by Wings faithful.

It has been written by certain Red Wings bloggers that the Penguins beat them for the Cup because, they allege, that Gary Bettman has a 'relationship' with Sidney Crosby.

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