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Blackhawks fans have to learn to be smuggery and enjoy life in fast lane

hawkswingsdec20.jpgJust asking, but is it too late for Team Canada to pick Brian Campbell for its 2010 Olympic experience in February, just as some experts predicted would happen a long, long time ago?

I suppose we are getting a little bit hoggy in Chicago expecting Steve Yzerman to be smart enough to select Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook and Campbell for his defense. If he wants to win, though, Yzerman should recognize the more Blackhawks the better chance he has and to hell with the rest of the NHL being pampered by seeking to be even-handed.

If the selectors are truly basing decisions on recent play before announcing their team in late December, Campbell would be impossible to ignore.

Together, the speedy Keith and Campbell could be hailed as Canada's Whiz Kids and have the maple leaf of lore flapping continuously in a strong breeze as they skated Olympic-sized rings around opponents.

Well, maybe not speedster Patrick Kane, who should be pulling Team USA on his back and that squad looks to need all the help it can get, which means Dustin Byfuglien is probably along for the ride, as well, two months from now to see if he can wrap himself in the flag and be a patriotic head-knocker.

Of course, three Blackhawks on Canada's defense would mean the NHL overseers would have to acknowledge the Blackhawks are its new equivalent of the New York Yankees, where All-Stars suddenly grow on trees and deserve universal acclaim as their cup spills over.

Scratch that. I forgot no trees can grow in the Bronx, which is what the rest of the world will look like once that climate-change thing destroys us.

Goalie Cristobal Huet might still have to have his face plastered up against Detroit's ass from time to time, as shown in this story's accompanying photo from his latest shutout. The rest of us have the red-assed Red Wings nation by the throat and are ready to squeeze until lifeless.

Or maybe all Red Wing blogs will do what I saw one did on Monday. Hang up a sign telling us they are taking a holiday break, see ya in a couple weeks. Ha, ha. See ya next season, boys and girls. Enjoy your fishing holiday.

I admit that when you have just witnessed Detroit being pulverized by the new King Kongs of the NHL--and no one would have blinked an eye if Chicago's first three stars Sunday night were the energetic fourth line of Colin Fraser, Bryan Bickell and Tomas Kopecky--the tendency is smuggery.

I don't believe smuggery is a word. But that's what I like about blogging without a damn editor making me sound like everyone else. If I want to be smuggery, I can.

And if ever there was a time to be smuggery about the Blackhawks, this is it. I guess I'm even smuggery that Bobby Hull is doing dumb, creepy Harris bank commercials in his dotage rather than commercials about running to the bathroom all hours of the day to take a piss and talking to his shadow in storefront windows about needing to get pecker pills before meeting the missus for lunch and lust.

Right now, nothing can go wrong. Hull's wig even looks real, perched like overgrown brush atop his Mount Olympus visage.

Being Chicagoans, accepting success is a challenge. Some of us find it easier to tell you what Huet, Campbell and Byfuglien were doing wrong rather than accentuating all the right turns they and their teammates are taking now.

There was even emphasis in some places that this latest win meant nothing because the Red Wings are so weakened by injuries. That misses the point. It's about the Blackhawks being dominant, not about the Wings at all.

We are hesitant to celebrate the Blackhawks too much, knowing the Reds Wings are a house forced to declare bankruptcy temporarily while it reassesses its lost assets and knowing that something bad is bound to happen to us sooner or later.

Hey, it's Chicago. Storm systems are normal for all sports teams.

But even as we await a big double header with San Jose in Chicago Tuesday, followed again Wednesday by a Red Wings rematch in Detroit, we should take time to smell the flowers and appreciate what we have been given.

Just think about this: we have a well-rounded team that can temporarily lose Seabrook, Marian Hossa, Jonathan Toews, Adam Burish, Dave Bolland, Ben Eager and Cam Barker to health-related causes this season and keep on keeping on at a high level.

Hossa can go without a shot on goal, as he did Sunday, and the Hawks not miss a beat due to his offensive shutdown.

Why? There are many answers, but it boils down to one common element.

Because people such as Patrick Sharp are playing hard and well without always coming away with points to show for it. When you have so-called scorers such as Sharp committed to a system and the team in that manner, you have a chance to be a champion. His faceoff work deserves notice.

Sharp and Hossa are still searching for their finest forms this season and look where we have come. The best seems ahead of us.

The tendency when you say that is to remember 1990-91, when the Hawks racked up 106 praise points in the NHL and were knocked out in the first round by Minnesota. You can find those naysayers ready to point out now that Huet in the playoffs will not be the rock-solid Huet we have grown to love in recent weeks.

But for the moment, let's just keep our vision limited to what we see before us and forego predicting failures and foreclosures.

I'm sure the day will come again when we will be pointing fingers hither and yon. Just the nature of the beast. What goes up must come down.

For now, let's bathe in the luxury of knowing the Blackhawks are going to be good for just as far as we can see down the yellow brick road. Let's get used to enjoying the fickle ebb and flow, because this is a river where we are riding a prized battleship rather than our usual canoe that was always destined to be swamped.

Let's be smuggery all the way and learn a different way to be fans, with our expectations trained to anticipate success, tolerate lapses and exude excitement almost all the time.

It certainly would make us different from all other Chicago fans of other sports, where misery loves all the company it can get to wallow in pity parties.

Now if WGN-TV can learn to provide hockey coverage without sickening us with all the too cutsie, precious stories, because they don't understand how to manage a tiger by the tail with so little practice, we'll have ourselves a merry little Christmas, a suds-soaked St. Patrick's Day and a merry month of May before becoming June brides.

Here's the Blackhawks forecast: bright and sunny with occasional clouds. And it won't be changing for months.

Just like living in paradise. Reign on.



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hawktalk1979 said:

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Do you really feel that Brian Campbell should be on Team Canada? I could list 15 Canadian D-Men that Hockey Canada would add before Soupie. But I guess you can't say that, it doesn't run with the theme of your shitty article.

Mike Kiley said:


Nice to know you're enjoying the season. Remember now. Smuggery. It'll put a bounce in your step.

fattybeef said:

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Campbell is playing the best defense of his Chicago stay and not doing anything retarted between the blue lines. He is also riding a 3 game scoring streak and looking better offensively every game. Team Canada is overrated anyways. Pretty sure the Howks would smoke em.

Mike Kiley said:


C'mon Fatty. True patriot love in all thy sons command. With glowing hearts we see thee rise. The Truth North strong and free. If Canada calls, Soupy must answer with a glowing heart. Sorta like E. T.

fattybeef said:

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Stars and Stripes forever.

Mike Kiley said:


You must be a Lou Dobbs fan, hating on those poor Canadian immigrants.

fattybeef said:

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EPIC absolutely epic post. High Five.

A.) Were going to win the cup, were that good and missing one of our top 5 players and probably the best second line center with the exception of Malkin and hes a dick anyways
1-a.)JT is much more of an overall player than crosby and will win at least 3 more stanley cups with stevieY like domination that made most Hawks fans cry through the 80s and 90s, karma baby
B.) Huet is a bad ass, whats the record for clean sheets in a row because I hope he is real french about it and says "bonjour bitches" to Sarah Kustok right before she rolls her eyes
C.) Hossa didnt score yesterday becuase he had 4 people following him around the ice at all times. Its called a decoy. Rope-A-Dope = 3 goals and only 20 shots against. Merry Christmas
D.) *see ice crew*
E.) Brent Sopel is one crafty defensemen. He is the Bill Cartwright of the team, silent, deadly and strategic.
F.) Adam Burish could slay more classy broads than any other line in the NHL combined. And thats with creepy Mike North as a wingman to keep it fair.
G.) Troy on the radio and Edzo on TV. Who do you listen to? I tried both at the same time but it was so mind blowing I blacked out missed half a period.
H.) So our news papers suck at covering hockey and constantly ignored by espn... Having an inferiority complex comes naturally to us (especially those of us who are sox fans) but weve got the Blackhawks Confidential, standing on the top of the standings in a captain morgan pose and Sir Stanley's cup no the way back to Madison Street where it belongs.

Good day to you sirs and madames!

Dave Morris said:


Mike, you have surpassed yourself with this magnum opus.

Can we now call you "The Ayatollah of Hawk N' Rolla"?

In between spoonfuls of Geritol, I scour my fading memory for those images of the spring of '61. Thank goodness for YouTube.

Sadly, Reggie Fleming didn't live long enough to see what is happening this year for the Blackhawks.

But maybe, just maybe, the guys can win the Mug for him.

Fish said:

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Great article.

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