Black Jack

White Sox vs Royals (on paper)

White Sox fans don't need to shiver quite yet after seeing the upstart first place Royals and their newly dominant starting pitcher Zack Greineke seemingly drive an exclamation point home last night.  While the Royals have the early jump on things, it's the White Sox who actually present more of a long term threat to stay in the pennant race.

History shows that certain elements must not only be in place, but actually come to fruition for a team to reach championship calibre.  Those certain elements are easily defined by the potential and the tally of year end awards.

Many formulas are discussed breaking down the process of building a champion.  Here's the reality:

Does your team have one (and more than likely two) pitchers who have a legitimate shot at a Cy Young Award?

Does your team have a potential league MVP in it's lineup? If so, they will probably need to win the award if your team is to become a post-season threat.  Oh, and did I mention you'll need two or three more surrounding players who'll need to get enough MVP votes to place in the top 15.

Lastly, you'll need a rookie standout who'll either win or place in the top three for Rookie Of The Year voting.
(sometimes a young player with a monster breakthrough year can suffice.)

So here's the final potential tally:
MVP-White Sox-Quentin, Dye, Konerko, Thome
           Royals-Guillen??, Gordon??

Cy Young-White Sox-Buerhle, Danks, Jenks

ROY/breakout year-White Sox-Ramirez??
                                 Royals- Gordon???

The Royals seem far less daunting broken down to the McDowell reality.  If you doubt my theory, go crunch the past decade's numbers and players for World Series teams.  Any teams step out of the reality??



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Matt Olsen said:


Black Jack, I have a tough time believing that either Thome or Konerko have a realistic shot at finishing in the Top 15 in MVP voting this year.

Quentin, yes, but not those two.

And I don't think Jenks would ever be a Cy Young candidate because MLB basically stopped handing it out to relievers in 1992. It took Gagne's ridiculous 2003 season to change everything and he had to convert 84 consecutive save opportunities to do so.

These Sox are just the halfway point in Kenny's, shhhhh, master rebuilding plan.

What do ya think?

CraigParshall said:


Kinda side with Matt's comment on this one, but I like this concept of a "McDowell Reality."

And when is stickfigure coming to play in Chicago?

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