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San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson needs to chill out


Media reports claimed that the San Francisco Giants closer, Brian Wilson, was infuriated when he found out that the Dodgers' Casey Blake, who had just hit a 9th inning game-tying home run, had "imitated" Wilson's crossed armed, post-save celebration after hitting a home run against him.
Now if Blake had jumped out on the front step of the dugout and celebrated his home run in front of the entire crowd, while drawing attention to himself in a genuinely disrespectful and insecure way that Wilson does after his saves, then I could see all the hype around the incident.  Then it becomes a challenge. Then it becomes a story!
Blake just happened to get caught quickly mocking the pitcher's routine to his teammates. Caught by the media. Oh boy, and now we have a story!  Funny thing is, the true story is that Wilson's repetitive actions are just commonly accepted as normal in today's world. 
At first Wilson attributed his masturbatory gesture to a shout out to Ultimate Fighting. But apparently it's easier to hide behind relatives or religion when celebrating one's own glory, because those topics are off limits in our growing world of political correctness.
I'm no religious scholar, but I'm certain that the teachings of Christ refer to humility far more often than not!  What I want to see is someone like Wilson give a public shout out to Christ after giving up that home run that costs his team the lead.  "Hey Christ, thanks for giving me enough talent to be in the Major Leagues!" 
I long to hear this post-game quote: "Jesus gave me the talent and health through his blessings to be put into a situation to succeed. I just blew it today. I truly wasted the gifts he gave me today and will strive to do better next time." 

But no, God is only around the winners in sports today and has become a screen to hide behind while tooting one's own horn.

Finally, how is it that Wilson's teammates had to "console" him in the first place because he was so upset about Blake's supposed "mocking?"  Shouldn't he have been the one running around and thanking his teammates for saving his butt after a blown save?

I think George Harrison said it best, "all through the day, I, me, mine, I me, mine, I me, mine."



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