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Ohio Bobcat Mascot Attacks Brutus the Buckeye, Gets Dismissed from the Program (Video)


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If Ace Ventura: Pet Detective taught us anything, it's that violence against mascots is hilarious! I did a lot of tweeting last year during the Big Ten Tournament last March, and people seemed to enjoy the idea of punching Goldy the Gopher in the head.

But sometimes it's not a laughing matter, and people get hurt. This is not one of those times, but this situation is a little more serious than the term "mascot-on-mascot violence" might imply.

Before Ohio State absolutely pummeled and destroyed Ohio University 43-7 on Saturday, the Ohio Bobcat mascot pummeled an unsuspecting Brutus the Buckeye in the Ohio Stadium end zone.

If only the Bobcat players could tackle with such ferocity. I guess the Big Cat wasn't exactly BUCKNUTS about Brutus, and the school isn't exactly BUCKNUTS about the rogue action taken by their enemy combatant mascot

Ohio University released this statement: "We apologize to Ohio State University and its many loyal fans for the poor decision made by the Bobcat mascot in tackling the Buckeye mascot when Ohio State came onto the field during Saturday's football game. The individual responsible for these actions has been banned from any further affiliation with Ohio Athletics.

The department does not condone this behavior and apologizes for the negative effects that this had on an intercollegiate event between two proud institutions. This is not indicative of the quality partnership between the universities and reflected extremely poor judgment and sportsmanship."

So here's the hilarious video of what went down, courtesy of the Time News Feed and Scouting



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