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Old school football

Adewale Ogunleye

I play defensive end for the Chicago Bears.

Got any questions about the Bears or life in the NFL? E-mail me here.

At the end of the day winning is the best feeling in the world. It seems like it has been forever since we've been able to scratch a notch in the win column.

This past Sunday, we played old school style of football. We ran the ball, played good defense and did not turn the ball over. With the addition of the cold weather, it was good old fashioned Chicago-style football.   

For us to finish on a positive note we have to continue to play this way, aggressive and relentless with minimal mistakes. With Green Bay coming in, that is the recipe for success.

They have been playing good football lately. They are still hoping to get into the playoffs. So, a win for the Bears on Sunday would mean so much more than it usually does.

The saying goes "misery loves company" and quite frankly I need company. A win on Sunday would be an early Christmas present.

In closing, I want to discuss this blog. When my marketing manager, Robert Bailey, asked me to write this blog, I immediately said "no thanks", I didn't want any distractions. He asked me to think it over and I did.

I thought about the fans and how they would benefit from hearing from a player first hand. Forget the newspapers or the cable sports shows. I wanted to give Chicago a view from the inside.

For the most part, I believe this blog has been well received. I want to thank all the fans who have stayed positive even though this season has been filled with ups and a lot of downs.

Sports are a microcosm of life. The ball doesn't always bounce in the right direction but it's how you respond to adversity that shows your true wealth. Again, thank you Chicago for not giving in and showing up every Sunday. We, as a team, will do the same.

Bear Down!!!



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MikeBrownhadaPosse said:


Wale - thanks for your column. It is cool that you take the time to write it, regardless of how the season is going.
Beat the Packers on Sunday and it'll make the holidays alot more cheerful in Chi-Town.
Bear Down!

IrishSweetness said:


Seem to recall you had a monster in week one Wale, here's to round two. Good Luck & Bear Down ...

JohnKos said:

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You beat the fricking Rams ,Wale.....

Mike d said:


Aaron Rodgers leads the league in sacks maybe you guys can get close to a qb this week.

Brad Palmer said:



You are a class act. Wish the Bears had succeeded in acquiring more players like you.

Michael Halatek said:


Two teams, two different directions. Bears rematch with Green Bay
December 10th,

Looking back at the first game of the season… And the different direction these
two team are headed.

What if the Bears could have stood tall and denied the Packers last minute
victory in week 1? Even with that win, the Packers staggered to a 2-2 start to
the season and just 5 games ago, laid a HUGE egg, losing to the lowly Tampa
Buccaneers. Yet today, they have righted their ship and stand at 8-4, poised to
get back to the playoffs just one year after their growing pain's season of

Remember, this Packer team was one play away from playing the Patriots in SB
XLII, then limped to the 6-10 record of last season. Not too dissimilar from a
2006 Bears team that actually won their NFC title game. That 2006 season now
seems like a decade has gone by.

After 4 games this year, the Bears were 3-1 and coulda, woulda, shoulda been
undefeated. The Packers, on the other hand were 2-2, and lucky they weren't
1-3, with that win coming at the hands of lowly the St. Louis Rams. You might
remember those Rams, the ones the Bears could barely eke out a win when they
played them just last week. The Bears were still the talk of the division
despite the Vikings 4-0 start and the Packers seemed destined for another
sub-.500 season.

Since the end of the (insert your own Lovie joke here) first quarter of the 2009
season. The Packers have gone 6-2, while the Bears, playing what was thought to
be the easiest schedule on paper to start the season, have limped to just two
more victories since their 3-1 start. Unremarkable to the say least, those two
victories have come at the feet of two teams that are the league's worst,
Cleveland Browns and the afore mentioned Rams.

When the sliding Steelers are added to the mix, the Bears do not have a victory
against a team with a winning record this year. How the mighty have fallen.
Leaves a bad feeling in the pit of every fan's stomach. Not one win against a
team with a winning record in 2009.

I would love to be the proverbial fly on the wall inside the Packers' locker
room this week. Currently, the Packers are just a three point favorite for this
week's rematch.

I would not be surprised if the sentiment in the locker room went something like

"We're only a three point favorite? THREE POINT FAVORITE??? Let's just go
down there and hang 35 first half points on their sorry asses. They have already
allowed 31 points twice in the first half this year and 24 points another time.
We can't wait to take it to the Bears this weekend…."

Many so called experts had the Bears as favorites to make it to the NFC title
game, but after 12 games, their season has been reduced to playing for pride….
And now that the season is just that, the coaching staff will still keep several
players off the field. Players that could be at the very core of next year's
opening day roster.

Wouldn't it wiser to see what player's like Gilbert, Aromashodu, G. Adams, D J
Moore and Iglesius can do now, rather than wait until next year's summer camp?
I actually had an opportunity to speak with Bears TE Desmond Clark and the
overwhelming attitude in the locker room is to win now. Win the rest of their
games. The thought process of any athlete should be that. But a win today
could also mean losses in the future, since there will have been no judgement of
the talent on the roster that could be, should be the players that will be
looked at to make am impact next year.

Two problems exist with the win today line of thought. First, Lovie will stick
to his mantra that the player's that give them the best chance to win will
play.. Second, if the player's mentioned above got a chance to show what they
can do and the Bears win games, there would be an uproar that would cause
nightmares at Halas Hall.

Note to Lovie… If you want to hold fast to the notion of putting the best team
on the field, why are you considering putting Pace back in at Left Tackle? Any
playing time Chris Williams sees at Left Tackle now will only benefit him going
into next season. Three of the Bears last 4 games are against divisional rivals
and playing time against those teams will only make Williams a better player
heading into next season.

If Pace sees any playing time the rest of the season, it should only happen if
Shaffer or Chris Williams get injured. Leave Williams at Left Tackle the rest of
the year so we all see what he can do against the Defensive Ends from some
pretty good defenses the Bears play over the next three weeks.

Chris Williams is slated to be the blind side protection for Jay Cutler for the
next several years. His baptism of fire needs to continue during the Bears last
four games. Anything less will be a major disappointment and a disservice to
the team.

Final thought. The Bears message boards I follow have been eerily quiet. And
this is PACKER WEEK!!! Apathy? Perhaps. But to many, this game is nothing
more than the second game of five that run out the string of what has been the
toughest season to swallow in a long time.

Final thought 2: Yes, I will still watch the game, but it has a whole new
feeling to it… I can't decide if it's the same problem a moth has when they fly
into the light, or the curious onlookers at the scene of an accident. I know I
should not look. I just cannot help myself.

Ogunleye93myfav said:

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wale-i've been watching you play since i was literally about six - when you played for indiana in college. i was so happy when you came to chi town six years ago && ive been your biggest fan ever since.
good luck playing the pack. hopefully you have a repeat performance or even better than the first game this season. i know you will because i'll be there watching (wearing the best jersey of course - yourss!)
ha good luck with the rest of the season &&i hope your still with the bears next season!!!
bear down wale!

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