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Black clouds

Adewale Ogunleye

I play defensive end for the Chicago Bears.

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What can I say? Boy, are we letting Coach Smith down.

There aren't many quality coaches like him in any sport. The overall morale of the league suffers when coaches like him don't win.

A coach who preaches hard work, loyalty and treats his players like men. It's a bloody shame. It's almost time to take my microphone away.

I've been saying all year that this team was going to turn things around. That we were going to be better than last year. Well, I was wrong.

I still truly believe in this team. When things haven't gone well for us, it has been 99 percent our fault and 1 percent bad luck. So we have no one to blame. No one to point a finger at but ourselves.

We've shot ourselves in the foot one too many times. I take full responsibility for the way we have played. I am a captain and the team is a reflection of my leadership. I've let this city down and this team down.

Whoever said, "when it rains it pours" was right. That being said, I refuse to give in. Real men don't run when the black cloud seems to have become stationary over their heads. They stand still because they know the sun will shine again.

We have five games left to bring the sun out. I will go harder, lead better and do my job better. This loss was tough but so has the other six losses we have had this year. Sorry again.

Bear Down!!!

P.S. I want to congratulate my high school for making it to the championship in New York City. Even though we lost, you guys showed heart. Next year we take it home. Go Pirates!!!



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julie said:

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Yes, this season has been disappointing for the fans and there isn't a lot of good news right now. But, many fans are still with you guys through thick and thin, like myself.

I know football is a business, but fans like me would be so sad to see you go after this season. Come back next year and play strong with a re-energized team! Don't disappoint us and leave the Bears.

Good luck with St. Louis...hopefully this will be the first win in a final strong push toward the end of the season. Finish strong.


sjvl said:


Hey Wale:

I'm a Bears fan, through and through. I don't know what is going wrong this season any more than anyone else, and it is getting old listening to all the negative comments. It can't be easy for you guys.

Something is wrong, and some things probably need to change. Know that win or lose, there are fans out here who will stick with you. I am one of them. I'll be watching Sunday, wearing a Bears jersey, and waiting for the worm to turn.

Donster said:

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I think this team needs new direction!
Keys to a successful 2010 is:

  1. New defensive scheme, scrap the cover 2
  2. A complete overhaul of the offensive line.
  3. Add a veteran receiver
  4. New Coach (A coach who is resourceful at adjusting the game plan)
  5. A bigger defensive line

Give Jay some time and he'll pick apart any team. Also, Forte will get more yardage.

IrishSweetness said:


Lovie has failed to address many many problems on the team and is not above accountability. That was an upgrade to our Offensive line ? They're the best receiving corps we could put together, really ? Enduring through Ron Turners' "offense" is his choice. Letting palyers seemingly do, act and say whatever they feel without any reproach is unforgiveable. Show an ounce of emotion Lovie, like losing hurts, let's see that ! The cover two - what's the deal ? Why are you so stuck to this as an ideal ? Reluctance to make obviously needed changes, both tto starting lineups and your 'gameplans'. Not good enough. Time to go ...

Shoulbe1 said:

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I'm sure as a Captain, it's natural to be hard on yourself. I applaud your honesty and accountability, however try to keep in mind that the outcome of each game is a collaborative effort.

Keep doing what you do best....I'm faithful that the Bears will pull through.

-jusqu' à plus tard

CelerySalt said:

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the season is done and we're not playing for draft picks.
the team has been in decline since 2006.
lovie can't or won't adjust to a changing game.
either the scheme doesn't fit the personnel, or the the personnel doesn't fit the scheme. that's on the coach and/or gm.

we fans root for the organization as a whole. we want the team to win, obviously, but when it's clear that the playoffs are out of reach, all you can do is look to the future. this year is done. so, we would like to see some changes that would give us a better shot of winning next year and for years to come. every change involves getting rid of lovie.

"There aren't many quality coaches like him in any sport. The overall morale of the league suffers when coaches like him don't win." you just insulted your audience. or does morale decline because another "player's coach" proved that pampering doesn't work?

honestly, what has this team done in the past decade? two first round losses and get blown out of the superbowl? three trips to the playoffs [one of which was Jauron's]. great. you know who else has made the playoffs three times and got blown out of the superbowl in the past decade? the oakland raiders.

that 2005-2006 defense was awesome and a ton of fun to watch. it's broken now though. you guys can't run the cover 2 and lovie won't stop using it. broken. so hopefully lovie is out of here and possibly angelo too. hopefully we can move harris for a second round pick. same for urlacher. those guys might be pretty tough to move though.

IrishSweetness said:


What did Lovie mean when he said "We are we want to be." after the Rams game ? We want to be out of the playoffs ? You clearly see a different side to Lovie than the rest of us Wale. All we see is a guy who runs a poorly coached team, out of his depth, with no answers for anything. We're the second biggest market in the NFL and only have one Lombardi. I'm not from Chicago, I'm not even American, but I'm a long suffering fan. One Lombardi ? That's not good enough. Lovie ain't cutting it, Turner certainly ain't cutting it, and Angelo can't draft worth a damn. The fans and the players get screwed while Ted Philips continues to run the land of Oz from behind his curtain. He's probably not a bad man, but he's a very, very bad wizard.....

IrishSweetness said:


And tell Urlacher that he isn't Walter Payton. He doesn't get the keys to the city. He shouldn't talk about the coaches/QB/RB in that fashion as defensive captain. That's a locker room cancer germinating.

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