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Let's play Jeopardy

Adewale Ogunleye

I play defensive end for the Chicago Bears.

After a game like that you have to thank God for your blessings. I need to find the positives in my life right now, since football is a source of frustration.

Well, let's see...I have my health. Family is good. I live in the best country in the world. I have a degree in English from Indiana University. I have an amazing job.

OK, this isn't helping.

We let a lot of people down on Sunday. The city of Chicago, the fans and most importantly...ourselves.  

Let's play Jeopardy for a second. I choose "Bears vs. Cardinals" for $500.

Question: Things that went right for the Bears on Sunday.
Answer:  What is nothing?

I choose "Bears vs. Cardinals for $800."

Question: Things that went wrong for the Bears on Sunday.
Answer: What is everything?

I choose "Bears Leadership" for $1000.

Question: The player who is responsible for not being a spark for the team and not being the leader the Bears' defense needs.
Answer: Who is Adewale Ogunleye?

OK, game over and our season will be soon if I don't help us win games. Like this team, I have been too inconsistent. Going into this game we knew if we didn't pressure and sack Kurt Warner we would lose.

One sack means we didn't get the job done. That is my fault and my fault alone.

When Tommie got ejected from the game I should have stepped up my game. By the time I turned it on, it was too late. I remember writing in my previous blogs that starting slow will come back to haunt us and it has.

Thursday night we have the San Francisco 49ers. Frank Gore is one of the best backs in the NFL. He runs north and south better than anyone in the league. Their offensive lineman are aggressive and physical. We must bring our big boy pads on this road trip.

Can't afford to start the third quarter of this short season with a L. Right now we are 4-4. Average. Average doesn't get it done in this league.

Average gets you a front row seat in your living room for the playoffs. 8 games left. Time to start chopping wood. One stroke at a time. One game at at time.  

Whoever said time flies when you are having fun was right. They forgot to mention that there will be instances when time flies and fun is nowhere to be found.

The NFL season can be one of those instances. I believe in this team. The band wagon has been reduced to a mini-van. That's OK... smaller groups are easier to deal with.  

True fans...Bear Down!!!



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sarahmas said:

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You are such a class act. It takes a man to step up and take responsibility for a (pathetic) loss like that. Don't think it's all on your shoulders though, you are one of many in a talented defensive line that on the whole is underachieving.

We're going to be there in blue and orange tomorrow night to cheer you guys on. I know you won't let us down. Thanks for being such an all around great guy. NOW LET'S PLAY SOME FOOTBALL!


Griz48 said:

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Give 'em hell Adewale, I'm rooting for you.

soundclash said:

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yo Wale,
I still have hope in this team. Lets learn from our mistakes and start winning one game at a time.

sjvl said:


I am a Bears fan, win or lose. Keep the faith, Wale.

MikeBrownhadaPosse said:


Good luck, Wale. Keep chopping that wood - good things will come.

JWilson said:


Everyone is expecting you and the rest of the D to proove Vernon Davis wrong.

TheMan said:

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Bear Down Adewale

Notes from the couch - Double team VD and smash the O-line. A Smith has proven himself ineffective at best. Make him beat you.

Good luck tonight!

IrishSweetness said:


Way to come back at Vernon Davis, Wale. Thanks Verne. Now if we can get the offense & defense turn up on the same day we may just bash the Eagles and pull the sweep on the BiQueens ....

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