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No TIME to feel sorry for ourselves...Big Ben is coming

Adewale Ogunleye

I play defensive end for the Chicago Bears.

E-mail me here. I will be answering your questions about the Bears and life in the NFL every week on my blog.

That's as tough a loss as I have ever experienced here in Chicago. It seems we did everything possible to give that game away. Can't win turning the ball over and can't win without forcing any turnovers.

As good as the defense played last night, we flustered when it counted the most. That is UNACCEPTABLE! Losing is UNACCEPTABLE! Losing to the Green Bay Packers is UNACCEPTABLE! Hats off to the Packers, they deserved the win.

We weren't able to match their defense when it came to turning the ball over. They gave their offense great field position all day.

The one positive about the game is that it was only our first game and we will bounce back. All of our goals, except for going undefeated are still attainable. We don't have any time to feel sorry for ourselves.

The defending World Champs are coming to town this weekend. They played last Thursday, which means they will have had three extra days to prepare for us by the time Sunday rolls around.

With that said, the Packer game is forgotten for now. We will see them again, down the road. We have watched the film and corrected the mistakes.

Each man has to look inside and realize that the effort we gave on Sunday wasn't good enough for a win. So, starting with myself, I vow to get refocused and do the things needed to help this team win.

Sunday won't come soon enough. Bear Down!!!



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Al In WI said:


Nice game Wale, loved the big sacks last night. You were the best Bear on the field.

chuckwh said:

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nice to see a blog from you.

If fans give you a hard time I hope you ask them how many games they've played in the NFL. As a guy who played in high school as a wide out and hurt his Achilles early on, for the life of me I can't even begin to understand how it's possible you can play at this level.

How do you feel about Urlacher's replacements? Will Briggs have to move to the middle? I know, stupid question...it's not like you can say Jamar Williams is a tool. So maybe your thoughts on Briggs in the middle.

I think you guys had a pretty decent game. The hope for most of us is that the offense keeps you off the field a bit more. I haven't lost confidence in Cutler, although I think he could get a little more protection on those 3-4s.

Good luck to you, and thanks for the blog.

Shawn73 said:

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You played your tail off wale, looked like you had rabies dude.

I was proud of you guys last night, saw ALOT of effort. Jay won't play like that often, despite losing brian I think you guys as a group will do very well this year. Take it to Pittsburgh this week!

JasonCHIBEARS said:

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Thanks for playing your butt off last night. You were flying all over the field and your committment showed 100%. Best of luck this week. We'll all be there Sunday to support you.



OGUNLEYE..! Your effort was outstanding you really dominated last night! Im very upset with the loss of Urlacher, but im confident in you guys im not panicking I know we will turn it around! Ps what do i gota do to get you to dedicate a sack for me! :) Thanks god bless!

johnny "waffle" chicago said:


Wale, great effort last night. Cutty will rebound and will limit the picks in the future. Good to see Manning, Tillman and Bowman back out there too. I like seeing Manning flying in from the edge like a maniac. His athleticism seems to shine through more on blitzes and kick returns. Here's to a great season!!

luvjuice said:

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You were a BEAST out there Sunday night. It is only game one. Bear down and bounce back!!! We'll be cheering for you and all the other Bears

Bearsbacker said:


Wale you have clearly been influenced by Rod Marinelli, good work against the Pack I just hope the pressure stays like that all season.

Warrior Waddle said:

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Wale - Losing to the Pack is just like how it use to feel losing to Wagner. Just gotta learn your lessons and shove them down the Pack's throat next time we play.

Bearing down in Staten...

IrishSweetness said:


Man of the match Wale !! Way to go. I was impressed with the D and the all that pressure. Less said about the play action bite on the Pack's last play the better. Ditto Mannelly's brain freeze and the excuses that followed. For me, I could handle the loss and move on, but to learn about Brian and Pisa - especially Brian - that's the killer. We can't replace him. Jay was good when he had time to throw and I'm not worried about him. The receiving game and O-line have a lot to answer for. Without your contribution alone, Rodgers could have made it worse. That Fat Worthlessberger should be a lot easier to get a hold of next week. Good luck and Bear Down.

the dude said:

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Wale-there are too many Bears fans getting down because of the GB loss. Thanks for not making excuses for the loss. The team will bounce back. Despite the mistakes there were some very encouraging signs. Cutler made some great passes in traffic that a Bears quarterback hasn't made in years. Some of the INT's will be resolved through more practice, it was just a lack of communication with the WR-QB.

Eventhough Urlacher is out the defense is a veteran group of players, and I know you guys will be able to step it up.

There's no better statement than a victory over the Steelers to silence all the critics.

keep on sacking those qb's

michal1980 said:

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You do relize that divison games count for way more then regular games? Beating G.B. was far more important then anything that happens against Pit.

Defense played good. Offense would have been better if GB didn't have 12 men on the field.

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