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My promise, Chicago Bears fans: You will not be disappointed

Adewale Ogunleye

I play defensive end for the Chicago Bears.

E-mail me here. I will be answering your questions about the Bears and life in the NFL every week on my blog.

Pop quiz, tell me the preseason record of the 2008 World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers. (Insert Jeopardy game show music here) Ok . . . time is up.

The answer is 3-1. I know the preseason doesn't count for anything during the regular season but it sets the tone. We were able to finish on a great note with a win last Thursday against the Cleveland Browns and finish the preseason 3-1.

Always good to create a winning culture heading into the regular season. It's great for the team but especially for the younger players to feel the high of winning no matter if it's preseason or the regular season.

Speaking of regular season, next Sunday can't come soon enough. We head up to play the Green Bay Packers. I am so excited.

They looked pretty good in their preseason games. The NFC North as a whole will be a very tough division this year. Minnesota, the reigning division champs were tough before with Adrian Peterson but now with the addition of Favre they will be better.

Detroit has no place to go but up. So we will have to bring our A game every single Sunday, Monday or Thursday we play this year.

I truly believe we are ready. Even though we lost Dusty and Kevin for the season, we are fairly healthy as a team. We have great depth and we shouldn't miss a beat.

I am getting goose bumps as I write this blog. I have my play lists ready for my pre-game music. Raekwon has a new CD out it's hot. I will be listening to that all year.

Bears fans are getting me amped up too! I can't go anywhere in the city without someone expressing their excitement. You will not be disappointed. We begin the season with a road game in Wisconsin and we will end with a road game in Florida. The countdown to Miami has begun.

Bear Down!!!



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GeekToMe said:


I sure hope so, Wale. After the seasons the Cubs and Sox have had, we could sure use some good cheer in our sports, cheer that comes from winning.

But honestly, you don't see the defense having some of the same issues as last year? Bear fans tend to have short memories and forget that there were a couple years when the offense could score 20-30 points in a game and yet the 'D' couldn't hold on.

With all due respect, I don't know if I can handle another year of press conferences where Urlacher is talking about how the Bears needs to 'finish' games.

In any case, I'll be rootin' for you guys!

Good luck and Bear Down!

Bearsbacker said:


sick blog post

Shady said:


Preseason setting the tone?

Yeah I guess the Detroit Lions really set the tone for a winning team culture last year going 4-0 in preseason.

What was their regular season record again? 0-16?

Preseason games aren't entirely meaningless, it's just that preseason records don't tell you anything about how the regular season will play out...Statistically speaking of course.

Bear down 'Wale (and please answer my e-mail Q)

Go Bears!

BORGERT360 said:

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Adewale, Tell Kevin Payne to stop being late to the show. He racked up the tackles last year but always seemed to be late, take a chance on an early jump, you might just get an interception... hell imagine that.

Timboconqueso said:


Wale - good to see you so hyped up about this season.... just like the rest of us. It's obvious that you guys up front have the hunger this year more than ever. Keep it going. Go out there and tear up some cheeseheads for us. BEAR DOWN!!!



OGUNLEYE..! Thats what I yell in the local sports bar at the top of my lungs when you make a big play! Been that way for a few years now! Cheesehead fans hate me haha! Yo Son you got this, this year! You guys are pumped the fans are pumped, we support the Defense 110% Just go out there and play Bear Defense baby, dont let any negitive people get into your head. You guys are the best man I mean that! Good Luck God Bless you brotha Dominic in AZ

jerseybear10 said:

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Hey wale greetings from jersey, I just want to wish you guys good luck this year. I think theres a lot of work to be done but im confident that the skys the limit! Can't believe all the crap flying out of the packers mouths though, how they can move the ball up and down the field on the bears defense! Also saying that the line probably won't even touch Rodgers. I say smack em in the mouths and leave a trail of blood all over the field!

thelady said:


As you promised, I believe most fans were not left disappointed as far as your game went on Sunday; unfortunately, winning is team effort. Stay up, though!

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