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Ask Wale: Steelers' defense, longer NFL season and Packers' recap

Adewale Ogunleye

I play defensive end for the Chicago Bears.

E-mail me here. I will be answering your questions about the Bears and life in the NFL every week on my blog.

I am a Bears fan in West Virginia and this is Steeler country. I have been waiting on this game, every since the Steelers beat us down 4 years ago. My question is do you remember that game? And if so, do you all use that as a motivation even though it was a few years back? I know I remember it and it seemed as if they was just more physical. I say its payback time! Bear Down on the Steelers. - Thanks, Charles McCroskey

WALE SAYS: West Virginia huh? I was recruited by WVU coming out of high school. I think I flew into a city called Morgantown? I hope that's right. I flew in one of those small propeller planes. Scared out of my mind. Enough of the small talk. Yes, we use losses as motivation. Especially since it seems the Steelers went on a run after that game and won the Super Bowl. I remember that game well. The weather was bad, the field was horrible and the outcome of the game was just as bad as the previous two things. But just in case my fellow teammates don't remember, I will remind them.

Adewale, as a season ticketholder for the last 38 years I bleed when the Bears play bad against the Packers, and I'm sure the team feels the same. My question is, was Sunday night just an off night, or will the Bears have more trouble with the Steelers, who have played the 3-4 longer than the Pack? Also, your play Sunday was inspirational. I applaud this awesome effort. I look forward to your comments. - Regards, Don Bohringer

WALE SAYS: Hey Don, I know that game was an off night for us. I have been here going on six seasons now and I can't remember a game when we gave up four turnovers on Offense and created zero turnovers on defense. As poorly as we played we still had a chance to win the game. So with that said, I am sure you will see a better effort come Sunday. Hey, its the defending Super Bowl champs.

First I'd like to thank you for going above and beyond by taking the time out of day to not only have the blog but to respond to the questions of the fans. There are many of us diehard Bears fans all across the country who live life waiting from one Bears game to the next, and it sure doesn't hurt knowing that the players who we love to watch crush opponents without mercy appreciate the fans.

My questions: There has been talk the last two years of the NFL making the regular season longer, possibly by cutting down the number of preseason games. How do you as a player feel about that?

And for my own curiosity, when da Bears score at Soldier field the crowd almost always breaks out into the Bears fight song and my family always sang it after every touchdown when we watch the games on TV, do many of the players know the fight song and do the new players have to learn the rich history of the Bears on their own?

Thank you, and the Chicago Bears, on behalf of all the Bears fans in uniform, Bear Down! - Andrew Bushnell

WALE SAYS: Thank You for being a true fan. It's people like you who make playing football a joy. I wouldn't mind if we had two extra games. As long as the preseason doesn't start any earlier. Andrew, let's be real. Everyone who knows anything about football knows about the Chicago Bears. When it comes to tradition, no team possesses more then the Bears. When you walk into Halas Hall it's all over the walls. The pictures of Payton, Halas, Sayers and Butkus are all over the place. So the touchdown song is just one aspect of Bears tradition we all know.

Wale!!! Is it true Coach Marinelli shows lions attacking animals to pump you up for a game? - Moses Fernandez, Sandy, Utah

WALE SAYS: Moses, Coach Rod shows us everything you can imagine. Oddly, it all makes sense.

Wale, it looks pretty lopsided with the (Marty) Booker for Wally trade a few years later down the road. No disrespect to Marty. Great effort (Sunday) night on many of our players. I just finished slamming all the bloggers who love to throw someone under the bus after one game via the Chicago Tribune.

My belief is I just watched two very good teams battle each other. Every once in a while I seem to pick a player to root for in having success in life. I was really hoping the Bears would keep Brandon Rideau. Question is: Miami vs Chicago? Two great cities, babes in bikinis and babes in wool, Wayne vs Virginia? How are these two organizations different and similar?

Thanks, lame question I know, I just wanted to write youJ keep bringing it and say hi to all the homegrown Florida players for me. - Kirk DeVries

WALE SAYS: Kirk, both cities are amazing. Chicago has better restaurants. Miami better weather. Chicago is a sports town. Miami a vacation destination. Both owners are rich. But I love Virginia McCaskey. She gave me the ability to play for the best team in the NFL and because of her I am set for life.

First off, I'm a big fan ever since you join the Bears and even back in the day with Miami. The question I wanted to ask you was what is your perspective as a Nigerian-American and the ever increasing presence of Nigerians in the NFL? - Efren Moreno

WALE SAYS: Efren, I have been telling people that the NFL needs to recruit straight out of Nigeria. I have lost count of the number of players with Nigerian heritage in the NFL, but its becoming alarming. Bryant Gumbel asked me the same question and I don't know why this trend is growing. It does mean Nigerians are great athletes.



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