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Another nailbiter...

Adewale Ogunleye

I play defensive end for the Chicago Bears.

E-mail me here. I will be answering your questions about the Bears and life in the NFL every week on my blog.

All I can say is thank GOD! What a game.

I have to give credit to the whole team, we fought together and never gave up. After the down to the wire game against Pittsburgh, it would have been easy for us to have a let down against the Seahawks.

Winning our first NFC game and winning on the road is huge. Great teams travel well and find ways to win on the road.

Seattle is by far one of the toughest places to play in the NFL. The Bears haven't won a game in Seattle in a very long time. Credit to the Seahawks and their fans. They gave us their best effort.

That is the loudest stadium I have ever been in. You could hardly hear yourself think. With that said, we took on that challenge and escaped with a win.
Now, back to the NFC North Division and the Detroit Lions. We are 0-1 in our division. So this game is a must win.

Everyone in our division won this past week. No ground was gained or lost. That makes this home game very critical. The bye week is coming up and we will not have another home game until Nov. 1.

You already know how I feel about playing in front of Bear fans . . .  it's the greatest feeling. We need the fourth phase (the fans) at their best and I know you will be.

We need to head into the bye week with another win. That would leave us 3-1 in the first quarter of the season. With the way our division is playing we cannot afford to lose ground to anyone. Detroit finally won a game and I'm sure they will be looking to start a winning streak after losing so many in a row.

So, like every week in the NFL, we have to play with heart and determination. We will get everyone's best effort. No ifs, ands or buts about it.


One more thing . . . did you guys see Indiana get robbed at Michigan on Saturday? Those refs should be suspended for making such a bogus call. Everyone knows a tie goes to the receiver. Oh well, my fellow Hoosiers keep your heads up, we got another tough one on the way.



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Joel Grant said:


Listen up all you Chicago-area Bears fans. I'm a lifelong Bears fan living near Seattle. I was at the game last Sunday and what Wale says is true. Those fans are louder than loud. My wife had to plug her ears for most of the game. Whenever the Bears were on offense, the noise was unBEARable. So let's get some noise from the Bears fans this Sunday and from now on. I wish I was rich, I would buy season tickets and fly in for every home game. But I'll have to settle for trusting you Bears fans to bring on the noise.

Jimmy Greenfield said:


Joel, thanks for the report. I don't think anybody watching on TV had any clue how loud it was even with all the false starts on the Bears. Their concentration in the second half to tune it out AND come back for a win deserves a lot of praise.

Romel Evans said:

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Hi Wale, an IU grad here and a Bears fan forever. I was quite proud to see you, an IU grad being as good as you are on the Bears. Anyway, I just wanted to say, even here in the San Francisco Bay area, you have the fans rooting for you. In fact we have a nice pizza place in San Mateo called Windy City that shows all the games to a very rowdy bunch of Chicago fans. Keep up the great work and you can bet I among the other Bears fans will be watching every game here.

dzo said:

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I'm taking the old man to Soldier Field this weekend and sporting the Ogunleye jersey. Keep it up Wale!

mjd said:

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Yet another Bears fan and IU grad here in the SF Bay area. Thanks for putting up the blog Adewale. GO BEARS! GO HOOSIERS!

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