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The fans turn: Q&A with Adewale

Adewale Ogunleye

I play defensive end for the Chicago Bears.

Hey Bears fans,

Every week during camp and the regular season I'll be answering questions about the team, life in the NFL and whatever else is on your mind. Please email me at adewaleogunleye93@yahoo.com.

Now, on to the questions!

To what do you attribute the D lines decrease in production from Sacks to Tackles for loss in the past two seasons, and what must you guys do to change this? - Christopher W. Knop

WALE SAYS: Good question. I really wish I knew the answer. One thing I do know is we didn't get the job done. I am not big on excuses or explanations for the lack of production.

At the end of the day we weren't as good as we should have been. I also know that we will see a return to form this year from this defense. As a whole you will see improvement. Starting with me and the Defensive Line. Come to Bourbonnais. See how hard we are working.

He says he will stay retired - and we believe him, of course - but how awesome would it be to lay the smack down on Brett Favre one or two more times?  - Tim Doyle, Lombard

WALE SAYS: Hey Tim. Anytime you have the opportunity to face a future Hall of Famer you want it. With that said, I would love to play against Brett Favre. I wouldn't care what team he was on. But let's be real, he just doesn't look right outside of the Packer uniform. Stay Tuned!!!!

Hi Mr. Ogunleye! Welcome back to Chicago! I am a huge fan and I am so excited to see you have a blog. I feel like you are one of the few Bears that everyone really "knows" since I seem to see you on all kinds of news shows and interviews.

I see that you traveled a lot in the off-season and I wonder which was your favorite destination? Did you take photos? Maybe you can post some. Good luck this season! I'll be watching every game and cheering you and the rest of "my Bears" on! - Sarah White

WALE SAYS: Sarah, what can I say! I wouldn't say I love the media because I don't. But I do understand that, we as players need to communicate with our fans and the media helps us do that. (Example..This Blog)

This off-season was amazing. I traveled all over the world but I spent most of my time here in the States. I visited Los Angeles, Sacramento, New York(hometown), New Jersey, Miami(off season home), Phoenix, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Nashville, and San Diego. My favorite destination this year(besides Nigeria) was St Thomas.

What a beautiful island with beautiful people. Stayed in this villa overlooking the ocean with a breathtaking view. Pictures do no it justice. You need to see for yourself.

Hey Wale, my name is Julie DiCaro and I run the Chicago Cubs blog "A League of Her Own" on ChicagoNow. We now have two IU grads on CN--woot!

My question is this: We've heard a lot already this season about interpersonal conflict on the team. I know we're still in training camp, but how do you feel the team is coming together as far as "chemistry" goes this season? Are the guys behind Cutler? Thanks! - Julie

WALE SAYS: Julie..... I have to say Go IU. Indiana University was such a great experience for me. I love that place. As for the Bears, we have all good guys on this team. From Adams to Wolfe.

We have no "interpersonal conflict" as you would say, on this team. Not even a little bit. So that should answer the chemistry question and about Mr. Cutler, Everyone here is a Big Big fan of Jay. Great teammate. We are all glad he is here.

Hi Adewale, if one of your teammates punched a cab driver in the face over 20 cents (and it became public) how would this guy get treated in the locker room? All the best. - Michael, Evanston

WALE SAYS: Michael, or can I call you Mike for short? That's tough to answer because I don't see anyone on this team punching anyone in the face for 20 cents. It would have to be a least a dollar.

Thanks for all the great questions this week.Bear Down!!!

- Wale



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barkee said:

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What expectations or goals does this team has for the year?

fatstripping said:

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Same question from me as well. Would like to know your team's goals for the current year

Craig Kanalley said:


Great to have an inside look from an NFL player. But I'm originally from Buffalo, so I'm going to have to root for the other side this weekend..

IrishSweetness said:


The betting docket in my little fist says "50 Euro Chicago Bears to win Superbowl 2010 22/1" and I fully expect to collect. Good luck Wale, you boys can beat anybody out there, and you will.

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