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Obnoxious Broncos fans couldn't stop OUR QB

Adewale Ogunleye

I play defensive end for the Chicago Bears.

E-mail me here. I will be answering your questions about the Bears and life in the NFL every week on my blog.
Preseason seems so long. Can't wait for the real thing. We played well against Denver. We are still not where we need to be but we were able to take more positives than negatives away from last night's game.

Glad we were able to win the game for our team but more importantly for Jay Cutler. It was good to show him we had his back. The fans were obnoxious towards him.

Crazy to see how people behave in that fashion. I have never understood the mentality "I pay for the ticket so I can hurl insults at the players." That should have no place in our society.

Booing is OK, but personal insults...not cool! At the end of the day we are all humans. Jay handled himself like a pro. Glad he is on our side now.

Side note: please to all our fans...no punching, hitting or slapping when you see us out in public or after a game. I know we are big and strong but some of you don't know your own strength. A simple handshake or fist bump is fine with me. OK?

These next two weeks we will be focusing on Green Bay. (Honestly we've been preparing for Green Bay since the schedule came out in April).

Even though we play Cleveland on Thursday, both teams will be preparing for their September 13th games, so not much game planning will be going on. The younger players will be playing the majority of the Cleveland game.

Haven't been able to watch much of the Packers' games but from the look of the scoreboards it seems they are playing well and scoring points. Our plate will be full heading up to cheesehead country but we should be up to the task.

Next time I write the 53-man roster will be set and your 2009 Chicago Bears team will be complete.

Till then, Bear Down!



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IrishSweetness said:


Slap them back Wale ! Way to go against Denver and their misguided fans - why they weren't booing Mad McDaniels I don't know. And Denver were crazy to let him walk, they should have made him sit out his contract. They have no one to blame but themselves. Crazy. Bear down for Super Bowl 2010 ... Hoo-raaa !!

mattsiegel said:

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Nice job by the D, especially the front 4.

DeLaVega said:

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Not to get too excited or ahead of the game but wouldn't it be nice to go back to Miami for the Superbowl in such a short time? I was in the audience for the Seattle game, the Saints game, and I was also there for the Superbowl. I sat in the Bears side endzone under the big jumbo tron in Dolphin stadium. The rain that day was super slimy and slippery. I am by no means rich or anything, I just am I die hard Bears fan. If we get back to South Florida, I will sure be there. But again lets not get ahead of ourselves. But still we can set goals along the way, with the big vision in sight. Go get'em Walle, I hope you have double digit sacks this year. Stay sharp and remember: See very little, don't see to much.

dtg2004 said:

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The Broncos have every right to boo Jay Cutler. He put himself before a proud franchise and that doesn't happen in Denver, it may happen here but not in Denver have fun with Cutler. He's good but don't cry when your ownership doesn't give him the deal he wants and leaves.

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