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119 Words WGN Doesn't Want You to Hear

Glenn McBride

So this is like a longer Twitter right?

Yesterdayall of you area residents, whether you knew it or not, were marred by a proverbial torrential rainfall of 1st amendment destruction. To be fair, Tribune Company CEO Randy Michaels wasn't a world class icon of leadership before this mother of all memos was released but still this latest  move is when everything went terribly wrongUp there, up in his ivory towers, and undisclosed amount of folks gathered and placed the first amendment rights of the employees of WGN under siege. What may seem like a moot point eventually, really comes across as a no brainer right now. The fact of the matter is that this news may cause unrest in some of you. Isn't the untimely death of free speech, in the aftermath of the reportedly sketchy details, a bigger story? Really, should this come as a complete surprise that Michaels utilized this vehicle to demonstrate the power he can have to stop those from speaking out? Those of you who are reeling after the senseless murder of the right to free speech can seek solace in other news sources in the wake of this now infamous memo. Informed sources report that Michaels felt his officials were really under fire from this plague of newspeak. Thus, he made the decision to touch base with all employees by way of memo and indicate it was time to take a breakIn a surprise move, going forward WGN news staffers will be treated like undocumented aliens and perpetrators. It is not as if these guys down there on the lower levels of the Tribune Tower are at risk at this point, but if they slip up they may literally be lucky to be alive at the end of the day. They better flee whether they think they will be thrown behind bars or not. The authorities at the Tribune Tower out there in downtown Chicago may think this is a perfect storm to begin a legendary manhunt and incarcerate any diva news reporter under false pretensesAt this point in time, it is definitely possible that the news division of WGN will be completely destroyed. What happened behind closed doors puts those who were giving 110% for the company in harms way. The bare naked truth, from out there in the WGN world is that, is that you folks out in radio land will stay tuned to WGN like happy pedestrians even if the reporters' rights have perishedEverybody out there can act as the best kept secret in response to these egregious violations. It should be a no brainer at this point this bad news should not be lauded, those in close proximity to this injustice should stand up to these wild alleged mandates. Everyone needs to lend a helping hand to stand up to Randy Michaels. Stay tuned...we'll be right back.

(For a complete list of the 119 Things Which Shall Not Be Mentioned on WGN, please click here, sadly I could only fit in 72 references)



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