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Guest Post: A little something about decorum

Today I have an awesome guest post from my dear friend Dave Sorrell, also known as @rookiephenom on Twitter. I really love guest posts from guys because sometimes (or always) it's nice to get a little perspective from them. Now, we all know that I don't think there every guy feels the exact same way about things, but still it's nice to get their perspective.  Anyway, here he is talking about a little something called decorum.


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Guest post: Oh the weather outside is frightful...

A few weeks ago I wrote a guest post for a website called Cupid's Pulse. Well, I am super excited because one of their very awesome writers has so graciously volunteered to guest post for my blog as well. This post comes from Erika Mionis who is a staff writer at Cupid's Pulse. Erika is a student in Arizona who hopes to pursue a career in journalism. 

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I am featured on Cupid's Pulse

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It's no big secret that I recently turned 30. It's also no big secret that I felt pretty okay with being single on my birthday. In fact, I even wrote a whole list of reasons about why it's great to be single on your birthday. A lot of things have happened over the past few weeks and it has caused me to really think about a lot of things. Actually, for some reason, I thought about when I was 20 and how I saw my life at 30 then.

So, when the awesome folks over at Cupid's Pulse asked me to write a guest post about turning 30 and being single, I was completely thrilled (and highly flattered). Head on over there and check out my thoughts from a single 30-year-old.

Guest Post: Apples to apples

I am officially back from New York which means it's time for a new post but first I want to share a guest post from a blogger that I was recently introduced to.

Disaster on Heels has been chronicling her single life in Chicago since she broke up with her boyfriend one year ago.  When she's not adding vitamins to Lean Cuisines to enhance nutritional value, she's having disastrous encounters on and OkCupid.  Today, in honor of the one year anniversary of her online dating profile, she has decided to celebrate with All the Single Ladies.

To keep up with the daily disaster, connect with Disaster on Heels on Twitter or on Facebook.   

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Guest post: you want my phone number or what?

It's time for another guy to guest blog on dating rules. This time we have a post from Dennis Frymire about that whole "you have to wait three days to call a girl" rule.

Woman offering piece of paper with her phone number
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Guest post: The one night stand

The past couple of weeks I have had some of my favorite male bloggers talk about dating rules. Well this week Matt is throwing a different spin into the mix with some talk about the one night stand. Matt is the editor of, a dating/relationship comedy collective, and the upcoming Impersonals, a dating site parody.

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Guest post: Should a woman ask a man out?

Last week I talked about how I have invited some of my favorite bloggers to talk about dating rules. It's only fair that we let the fellas out there weigh in right? Well this week my friend Jack From Brooklyn, tells his thoughts about the age old question: should a woman ask a man out?

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Guest post: Don't be too available dammit

Since I have such a fun time talking about all the dating rules (and how much I think most of them are crap), I feel kind of like I need a guy's point of view. So I've asked some of my most favorite guy bloggers to tell me what they think about some of them and over the next few weeks I will be posting their thoughts. First up is Alex from the Urban Dater (a very awesome website about dating and relationships) who talks about being too available, or as he's titled it "Don't Be Too Available Dammit!".

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Guest post: Are you a relationship slut?

I have talked a lot this week about break-ups, which is something that I am no stranger to. Actually, I am pretty sure it's something that most people are no stranger to. After all, I am not the only one that gets dumped right? And sure I have done my share of dumping too. So how do you handle it after the break up? Do you rebound, jump into a new relationship or flee the country?

Well, let me introduce you to guest blogger Gaynor Alder, a writer from Melbourne. She works at a magazine and also has an awesome website called "The Modern Woman's Survival Guide". From her own words "think Bridget Jones meets Sex and the City", which I believe is just plain fanstastic.

Here she gives us all a little insight on how to handle things, mainly when you are faced with the idea of jumping from one relationship to the next.

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Guest Post: Okay guys, it's time to break up with Ed!!!

Sometimes gay guys have the best views on straight guys. My dear friend, Daniel Scogin, definitely falls into that category. I know it might seem like I am a little biased, but I promise he really does. When he asked to guest blog of course I accepted (and by accepted I mean encouraged). We are actually thinking about starting a little series, so be on the look out for that. Here is his first post where he encourages guys, in a very non-subtle sort of way, to ditch Ed Hardy.

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Guest post: Learning happiness


Egg Smiley Face.jpg

A couple of weeks ago I had a guest blogger named Samantha Karlin who wrote about how to write an online dating profile.

I have invited her back, this time to talk about how to be happy and content. Even more importantly, how to have a great outlook on things even if living the single life gets you down.

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Guest post: The ABC's of a good online dating profile

Mouse Love.jpg

I have talked a lot about internet dating. While I am really no stranger to it (you've seen some of the bad messages and heard my stories about a few guys I have met/talked to from various dating sites), I recognize that it's new territory for a lot of people out there. Plus let's face it, no matter how experienced you are, a person can always use a few more tips right?

Samantha Karlin is the Dating Diva for an online network called Meezoog. Here she gives advice to online daters and fellow singles. She has offered to do a few guest posts to offer her expertise with online dating. This week, she's offering tips on how to write a snazzy online profile.

If you haven't heard of Meezoog you should definitely check out their website. There is also some additional information with Samantha's post.

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