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About Jessica


Jessica is a witty single woman living in Chicago who writes about dating and single life. She currently contributes articles to a website called and was listed as one of Your Tango's top people to follow on Twitter for dating advice.

A self-proclaimed city girl by nature, she came to Chicago nearly four years ago by way of Michigan and Indiana where she received a degree in Sociology from Indiana University. With a bit of a rebellious and creative side, she is drawn to anything related to art and interior design. She enjoys good music, good food, and great people.

As a woman who has been single for what seems like her entire life, she's been dating and blogging about it on her own for years. After her friends continually begged her to share her off the wall dating stories with the rest of the world, she broke into the public writing world with where she was the Chicago Single Women Examiner.

Sometimes dating feels utterly pointless, but she's still determined to try. It's that whole positive free-spirited thing in her and that thing your mom always told you. What was it? Something along the lines of  "you have to dust yourself off and get back out there."

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