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How about we...Actually go on a fun date

Jessica Downey

Coffee addict. The serial single girl. Jessica will give you the what’s what on single life and dating in Chicago.


One of the most difficult parts of online dating can be planning the first meeting. Sometimes it seems like a guy might want more of a chat buddy than an actual date. And you end up chatting for weeks and weeks before meeting, if you even meet at all. Picking a spot to meet can be even more difficult.

There was one time that I had been chatting with a guy for a little while and we decided to meet. We were trying to pick a spot and I suggested a wine bar. For some reason he didn't want to go to a wine bar and refused. So we spent the next few hours trying to pick a spot and ended up kind of arguing about it. He wanted to go to a club and I didn't really think that was a great spot to meet since it's so loud. Plus I am not really a club person. In the end we actually didn't end up meeting at all because we couldn't agree on a place so he decided to be a jerk and told me to just forget it.

So I think it's safe to say that planning the first date can be a little frustrating. Well enter in an online dating site called How About We that is all about dates and in my opinion takes out the frustration of planning the first meeting. Instead of browsing through profile after profile to find a person to connect with in hopes that you will have something in common with you can browse through dates that members of the site have suggested. If you know first hand the kind of date that a person plans then obviously you will know if it's something you would like to do too.

So clearly, for me, if a guy said something like "How about we go to a club and have a few drinks" it wouldn't be likely that I would be interested. However, if he said something like "How about we go see the zoo lights ad Lincoln Park Zoo and then have dinner at Hot Chocolate" or "How about we go see an awesome free concert in Millennium park complete with beer/wine and cheese" then it would be likely that I would be super interested.

Seems like a pretty fun concept right? Well, what's even better is that is offering readers of All The Single Ladies a Special 33% off their service if you just enter the code VDAYFUN when you sign up. So go check it out and see if a date catches your eye (it is Valentine's Day after all).



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