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If a woman says she's not interested that means she's not interested

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A little over a month ago, I talked about the guy who threatened that he was going out with other women because I was too busy to meet him. Well, he is back. Actually, to be quite technical he's made a few guest appearances here and there over the past month

He tried to talk to me a couple of times after we had the conversation where he warned me he was dating other women. I figured I should just be honest so I told him I wasn't really all that interested in meeting him. He laughed and then signed off so I figured I wouldn't hear from him again.


Somewhere in there he sent me a message on Facebook asking me to call him. I ignored it since I already told him that I wasn't interested (again thinking he would just go away). Wrong again. A few days later he sent me an IM on Yahoo. Again I told him that I wasn't interested in meeting him. He laughed again and then proceeded to tell me that I was too young for him, that I play games and that all I was looking for was material to use in my blog. Actually I think he threw a couple of other things out there but I can't remember. He then went on and on with some ramblings about his ex-girlfriend and how she played games too.

Correct me if I am wrong but since I flat out told him I wasn't interested then wouldn't that be considered being honest and not a game? I mean if I really wanted to play a game wouldn't I string him along? And I'm pretty sure that would also help to give me something to blog about. Not to mention if I was looking to him for something to blog about, wouldn't I be, in fact, blogging about him this entire time?

At some point I just stopped responding to his messages. Which then sent him into some sort of speech about how much he really liked me. He even went on to list the reasons why. The first reason was that I am tall, there was something about me being attractive and stubborn in there as well.

Really, the fact that I am tall is the first reason. Personally I really don't think being tall should even be a reason to like a person. Sure it might be a nice bonus but an actual reason, come on. And yes, I am stubborn and opinionated sometimes but I am not trying to be all cute and play hard to get here buddy, I am just not interested (I think I already said that somewhere in there).

I think a week or so went by and then he tried to IM me again, when I didn't answer he tried to call me on my computer using Yahoo. And no, I didn't answer that either.

Then a few days later I received a message from him on Facebook which started with "if this makes you smile...I still THINK UR GREAT JESS!" and ended with an invite to some event. He also asked me to call him. I never responded to the message on Facebook nor did I call him.

That brings us to this week. I hadn't heard from him since the message on Facebook so I really thought hoped he had given up this time. Well, again I was wrong and he sent me an IM.

Crazy stalker guy: hello
Me: Good god please give it up already
Crazy stalker guy: just wanted to say hi...jessica...omg
Me: I have no interest in you
Crazy stalker guy: i am too old for
Me: Again I've dated guys older than you. I have friends older
Crazy stalker guy: don't seem like it...
Me: Huh?
Crazy stalker guy: i dont understand u
Me: What's there to not understand?
Crazy stalker guy: : this is not a game...
Me: I am not playing a game. I have been honest with you.
Crazy stalker guy: ?? honest with what......
Me: I told you I didn't want to meet you. I haven't pretended otherwise.
Crazy stalker guy: what makes you think i want to meet u...
Crazy stalker guy: we spoke once on the phone
Crazy stalker guy: that was it...
Crazy stalker guy: yes ur a blogger...
Crazy stalker guy: a young one too
Crazy stalker guy: i wanted to get to know u...maybe we could meet up
Crazy stalker guy: we spoke once on the phone
Crazy stalker guy: trying to get you to call me is like pulling hair..
Crazy stalker guy: maybe u like your hair
Crazy stalker guy: good night
Crazy stalker guy: bye

Now, I can admit that I should have blocked him (and he is now), though I mean come on here. I understand sometimes women feel the need to play hard to get but I am not really a fan of that game and that is definitely not what I was doing here at all. News flash, the point of playing hard to get is to make a guy think you have other things on your plate, you know let him chase you a little. It's not to make a guy think you are not interested at all.  

Frankly, I have to tell you I don't know any woman who flat out tells a guy that she is not interested in him when she actually is. And while it might take her a little bit to return calls from a guy when she's playing hard to get she will eventually call him back. In other words, if she's telling you she's not interested and ignoring you then I think it's time to just give it up already.




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Jenny Milk said:


ew this guy needs help

dazediva said:


OMG ... he sounds like an obsessive freak !! block block and block him !!

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