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Here's a tip for guys filling out a profile on an internet dating site

Jessica Downey

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Here is the correct way to take a picture of yourself

Earlier today I was perusing through the profiles on OkCupid and I kept noticing one thing that really annoys the crap out of me. Obviously since I am no stranger to the world of online dating this is not the first time I noticed this annoying thing. Though today I seemed to notice it more (or maybe I was just irritable today). So I thought I should give a little tip for all of the guys out there filling out a profile on an internet dating site. Lose the picture of you in the mirror holding your phone.

Now, I have to acknowledge that I know it is hard to get flattering pictures of yourself to put on your profile. Maybe all the pictures you have also have your ex-girlfriend in them. Perhaps you just don't have any pictures that show off your good side. Even still, maybe you need a full body shot. I mean, clearly everyone wants to see what they are working with.

Logically, the only way to fix this situation is to take a new picture of yourself. So you grab your phone, duck into the bathroom and snap a picture. You think to yourself "now that's one the chicks will dig" so you load it on the computer and are good to go. Good job buddy, I mean clearly all chicks dig a weird picture of you with the glare from the flash going off in the mirror and your dirty ass towel hanging in the background. It's awesome really. Though really, there is no friend that you could call and ask to take a picture of you?

Oh and just as a little side note here. Most of the guys that use these pictures also have dozens of other pictures on their profile. Pictures, might I add that are actually pretty flattering (read that as pictures that would probably get you a chick off of this internet dating site). I actually saw a guy with eight pictures - three of them with the mirror and the cell phone. Why?

Point is that this kind of picture is not the way to go. In fact, it's not even remotely flattering in anyway. No woman I know actually looks at this kind of picture and says "now there is a guy I would like to contact (read that as it won't get you a date and it won't get you laid). Actually, it kind of makes you look like a douche bag. And it kind of makes me wonder if you have any friends.

So here is what I am proposing. If any guy out there needs help taking a picture for his profile feel free to contact me. I will gladly come help you take a picture and if you'd like I can even teach you how to take one yourself.




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klaud said:

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EVERY guy who does internet dating needs to read this! When I was purusing the dating sites, it seemed like every other photo was a dude half naked in the mirror! Two words: gross and douchy!

Jessica Downey said:


Totally agree there! I am not a super picky girl in anyway but some guys don't realize that this is the first impression you will make on me. Would you show up half naked on a date? (Let's hope not).

Andy-Kid said:

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What about the women? It seems that 2/3 of the pictures I see of women are the exact same shot/pose. The advice can go both ways...

Jessica Downey said:


Well I am a chick that browses internet dating sites for dudes so I can't really speak for what girl pictures are like. I can tell you that I don't know any woman that does this and I have never heard that many guys complain about it. And I will also say that if any woman does it, the same rule applies - just don't do it.

Leah said:


Oh my gosh!! I totally had this guy message the other day and his main profile pic was this kind of photo. I wrote back to him I said, "No offense, I am sure you're a nice guy but that mirror pic [covering 1/2 your face] really is the epitome of a douchebag!" He responded and said there aren't many pics of him. Great post, from a big fan in MN! =P

Jessica Downey said:


I LOVE that you wrote him back and told him that! Seriously, get a friend and ask them to take a picture. Sometimes I wonder if guys that have those pics are afraid to tell their friends they internet dating or something. And thank you so much! Glad you liked the post and glad you are a fan :)

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